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stealth_GT 06-23-2013 04:43 PM

5.0 bolt on times?
Are low to mid 11's typical for full bolt on/tuned automatic 5.0's?

Do they trap more than 120mph? :D

Between a 392 Challenger or Charger SRT-8 A5 or a 5.0 A6 as a new ride..

not anytime soon if it's the 392 (due to price difference) but very soon if it's a new 5.0

I driven through 5 hard winters and RWD.. never had a problem :D

Also never had a problem with my old ol' Ford!

Good comparison video of both cars.

Personally I like the four doors, size and weight of the Charger but the 5.0 is very light just as powerful...

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