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Default couple questions

i have an 04 v6 and i noticed that it doesn't get that good mpg. i watched the miles and i got 260 miles to a tank. (13 gal tank fill) so about 20 mpg and most of that was on the free way. i don't know if that is normal or if there is something wrong. it has 60k miles on it so it isn't that old. its also very cold where i am now so i don't know if that is effecting it but id like to know if thats normal or not. if not how could i fix it??

also it has the overdrive and i wanted to know if that helps the mpg and if its better to have it on for speed and what not. i was wondering why they put it on the mustang and why not any other cars.

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Default RE: couple questions

This might be a news flash to you, but sixers don't really get great gas mileage. I had an 04 V6 auto with 38k on it, and it got worse gas mileage than my current GT. Your mileage isn't bad.

The overdrive is your 4th gear. Leave it alone for gas mileage. Pressing the button on the shifter actually turns it off, not on.
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Default RE: couple questions

20 actual MPG is not bad. not until recently EPA conducted the mileage test under really ideal conditions that are not likely representative of actual driving conditions.

But if you believe you're not getting the best out of it, well, you can always take those simple steps to improve: proper tire inflation, clean air filter, new plugs, and then there is of course driving habits.

They put OD on other vehicles, not many. besides "overdrive" is simply an auto tranny equivalent to a manual 4 speed.
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Default RE: couple questions

ok thanks. i knew i wouldn't be getting great gas milage with the car but i just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it.
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Default RE: couple questions

I just got 340 to my last tank with my mods listed. Mixed driving with shifting under 2k(most of the time).
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Default RE: couple questions

my buddy has a 98 GT stang and he gets around 25 mpg on the highway... i get 23 mpg on a good day... it takes me roughly 300 miles to a tank... pisses me off so much... and my other friend has a 94 V6 and his car gets 30+ mpg on highway.. damn five speeds and their ability to rev lower at the same speed
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