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Default are dealers scammers?

last time i got my oil changed at the ford dealer, they said i needed a fuel filter change and tranny flush. I got those done at another shop and the guy said the tranny fluid wasnt really dirty and the fuel filter looked good to him.

got my oil changed again 2 days ago and now they saying i need a coolant flush, new serpentine belt and that my rear pinion seal is leaking and needs to be replaced.... :S what should I do?
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A dealership will suggest things they think should be done. Trans flush and fuel filter are good things to do BEFORE they become problems.

Take a look at your coolant. Is it still green and clean? If yes, no need to flush.
Look at your belt. Does it have a bunch of small cracks or look worn out? If no, then keep it on there.
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of course there going to say stuff to get you to buy more services. One time i took my car to a jiffy lube and they told me i needed a new airfilter. Well thats fine and well but theres just one problem. I have a K&N air filter. I was laughing no doubt.
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They never seen one before and it looked a little grease.
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Quick oil change places are pretty sketch. When i was still in college I had my tranny fluid changed at a 10 min place. The next time i came back for an oil change they said my fluid looked pretty old and should be changed.
Never went back, i usually get a bit more honesty out of a dealership.
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There's a reason dealerships have the nickname "stealerships"
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It depends on your definition of scammer.

Generally a scammer is a person or organization that takes money or services without adequate compensation, service, or fullfilment of contract, while recieving full or near full compensation for the work or service they were to perform.

By that definition, no a dealer ship is not a scammer. They are a business that's out to make a profit. How do you make a profit....well....dealerships make money two ways. They make a very small amount of money off the gross profit they make when selling a car. Yes cars carry extremely small gross profits, less than any other specialy product on the market. Cars make about as much gross profit (proportionally) as light bulbs, lumber, and wire. Less than 10% of the overall price is gross for the dealership. For you finance majors you know that's about 30% too low to stay in business. So how do they make up that 30%.....well....they offer services. Extended warranties, GAP coverage, and in house repair are all ways dealerships make up that missing 30%.

So in short, if you go in, they will offer any service available that they can perform. Is it "needed" probably not, it's up to you as a consumer to make that decision.

Remember it takes 2 people to make a sale. Good or bad it takes a sales person to pitch the product or service, and a customer to purchase that service. The sales person has the obligation to fulfill that service, and the customer has the obligation (yes customers have a roll to fill as well) to pay for that service and ensure that they received the service they paid for.
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A lot of the time they go by the factory suggested maintenance at a certain mileage, whether or not the fluids look good. If you look in the owners manual it will give maintenance required at a certain mileage. I looked in my owners manual and it said for a auto transmission, oil should be changed at 30k miles. Coolant at 45K miles. When was your last coolant flush? Your car is 13 years old. If you do not know when it was last done, I would get it done. Coolant does not last forever, and will break down over time causing other issues.

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It's called upselling. Technicians and dealerships can't live off of doing oil changes all day. We don't "Scam" people, whenever we get an oil change we get a 21 point inspection and write down everything that's wrong or is overdue for service and its up to the customer to decide if they want it done.
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