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Default 1995 V6 White Smoke/Steam Found Leak Need Help

Here's a link to a youtube video of what I found not sure what it is but pretty sure its the cause of the white smoke/steam:
So after letting the engine (V6) cool down and sit for awhile the white goes away but when I first pull in after having run the engine nice and warm and having had the heater on it steams/smokes pretty good. It comes up through the passenger side hood vents. It's obviously under some pressure I'm just not sure what it is that's leaking, or how to fix it. Car is pretty old but in pretty good condition with just about 107k miles on it with regular tuneups.
I need a good guess as to what this could be so I can decide whether to fix it myself or take it in (on a somewhat tight budget atm). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

New Ford and New Mustang owner. So far loving it. Much better than previous POS
Also I might have an oil leak not sure yet need better lighting and time to get under her (working 4-12 atm). Fluid on black top -.- (can't say what color it is for that reason) under engine block no apparent leaks from topside other than the one afore mentioned.
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If your lucky it is a leaking heater core, or hose to the heater core at the fire wall. The general rule of thumb is white smoke is coolant burning or leaking, black smoke is rich fuel not burning all the fuel and blue smoke is oil burning or if you have a turbo the turbo could be burning oil.
To find whats leaking under the car put a piece of cardboard and see where it is leaking and what color it is, black will usually be oil or if you have auto trans then it would be reddish (unless it is really old or burnt. Oil leak under the radiator area could be trans. line leaking at the trans cooler or the power steering rack could be leaking they both use reddish fluid so you will have to figure it out
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Default Figured it out

Sorry took so long to clear up this post.
We took off heads to look at gaskets and found the gaskets had been replaced but the cylinders were completely shot. We had to replace the motor. Guy that sold it to me knew the motor was bad the gaskets were that new. No more craigslist car shopping for me.
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I have never bought a car anywhere but Craigslist..... If they won't let me start the car from a cold start and drive until I'm sure its at normal operating temp for a bit and not overheating I'll walk. With those conditions in mind you can check to see if it has any cold or hot start issues or issues while running hot or cold.

I hate seeing ads that list no joyrides. Well I'm sure as hell not gonna buy your used car without doing anything but looking at the bumpers.
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