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Default Best springs/brakes to use?

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, as well as new to the Mustang world haha, I'm young myself, had a few cars.... 2 ion's, an escort zx2, and a honda civic. So I stepped it up for some real fun and got a mustang

Yes, its only a v6... I'm hearing nothing but criticism... but hey. My old man is a serious believer in an outperforming v6, so lets just wow them shall we?

lmao back to the point. Upon getting under my recent purchase, noticed a few repairs are needed... I need two (both sides) front coil springs (split at bottom hoop). These go for 80-100$ each CDN (each side) where I'm located, so without a doubt its more beneficial to go with a brand name, just wondering if anybody has any brands for their mustang that they prefer? my Honda loved Eibach and Tein, but I'm unaware of the parts available for the beast, so Let me know what you guys think! It came with cross-drilled rotors, but I will need calipers here shortly too, so I'll do all the way around while I'm at it.

I'm not cheaping out with this car by any means and dont wan't no chinese **** fu**ing this thing up, so let me hear it boys and girls!
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I noticed online that Eibach springs for the PAIR, were 59 or 65$.... so to me its a no brainer.... however... I live in Ontario, Canada, so US Shipping isn't always fun.
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Here are the V6 specific springs from Eibach. They work great!
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The green car seen below in my signature is a V6. If your going to modify the suspension, do it right the first time.
My V6 parts list: Ford Racing "B" springs, KYB struts/shocks, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, Maximum Motorsports bumpsteer kit, Steeda X2 balljoints.
My Cobra parts list:
H&R SS springs, Koni struts/shocks, J&M caster/camber plates, Steeda bumpsteer kit, Steeda X2 balljoints.
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Most street driven Mustangs won't need anything more than blank rotors, good high quality pads on the 99-04 calipers, SS brake lines and good clean DOT 3/4 fluid.
If you want to step it up (and have the 17" wheels or bigger to clear them), the 13" front upgrade is nice. They came on the Cobra/Mach1/Bullitts. Same idea, blank rotors, good pads, SS lines and new fluid.
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Eibach is deffinately the way to go with springs IMO, you will probably also want to do shocks/struts while you are at it to and you might need caster/camber plates

For brakes I would try design rotor technologies for rotors, you can get them slotted or drilled and slotted, I had a set on my GT and my cobra and its hard to beat the bang for the buck with them. A good set of hawk pads will also help.
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Eibach and H&R are both really good spring companies, go with whichever is cheaper at the time of sale.

For brakes I'm gonna be level with you and tell you to trash your factory brakes and get a Cobra conversion kit since you need new calipers. Some people will say not to worry with the rear, but I did both on my old 5.0, (as factory rears will look puny compared to the larger Cobra fronts) and it was one of the best mods I did. I didn't realize what a POS brake system Ford put on the 94-04 Mustang V6s/GTs, but they really did, the Cobra system is much better in every way. Just make sure you get the entire kit, including the mounting brackets as you'll need the whole thing, nothing from the factory brake system will be used. It's not very expensive and is worth every penny.

Now if you go this route you will need new rotors, factory OEM rotors are just fine for everyday driving. You can go will slotted and drilled if you wish, but bear in mind they will eat your pads up faster and make a lot more brake dust.
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