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Cribby94 06-12-2014 08:54 PM

Driver Window not working?
How do you diagnose a window not rolling up and down? when I push the down button, nothing happens, but when I let go of it, its like theres a second click going on. Doesn't happen when I push/release the passenger side down button.

Is this implying a short in the circuit somewhere? I would imagine that BOTH windows are fused on the same fuse, so it shouldnt' be that. (never know I guess). I just don't want to buy a new motor if all I have to do is get my electrical goody bag out.

Thanks guys!

corker 06-16-2014 07:41 AM

I replaced mine a few months back. The motor has 2 wires going to it - I believe the switch supplies 12v to 1 wire for up and the other wire for down. Since the vehicle is 15 years old, sounds like it's time for a new motor anyway. I purchased a new motor, but before I took everything apart I plugged the motor harness into the new motor to make sure everything worked. The motor can be completely disassembled - I found the old motor's brushes were completely worn and the commutator was all grooved from worn brushes.
Good Luck,

rsm 06-10-2015 06:08 PM

Any tips on this job? When it gets hot my power window stops working. About to buy a replacement motor but do I need to buy a regulator as well? Do you have to remove the regulator from the door or can you swap the motor with it in place. Trying to determine how much of a pain it will be to do or to just make more of an effort to park in the shade. Thx.

corker 06-11-2015 07:30 AM

This is a fairly simple job. You can just replace the PW motor - once you remove the door panel and moisture barrier behind it, the motor is held in place with 3 mounting screws. Motor doesn't need to be indexed in any particular location. Driver's side is always the first to go. Check for any loose connections or frayed wires. Chances are all wiring will be OK, probably motor brushes just worn out and commutator damaged.

rsm 06-12-2015 06:40 AM

Thanks, I'll order a motor today.

Daehawk 06-15-2015 10:30 AM

Good luck. My driver side window has started sticking near the top and I have to help it up and I think its progressing into a track issue.

rsm 06-16-2015 01:34 PM

We'll I did it this past weekend. Worst part was getting the regulator out the door. Everything worked for a day and then the glass came off the track and I heard a rivet pop.. The glue holding the window was weak and let go. I'll need to take it apart again this weekend and get some adhesive. Hopefully the regulator isn't too torqued up. In retrospect I should have got a motor with the regulator attached. Thought motor only would be easier but its not. Found some good reference videos from Pet Rock

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