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Weird Squeaking Sound

Old 12-10-2005, 10:47 PM
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

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Thanks Yellow
I did it first thing friday morning when i put the new oil in it squeall for like 3 minutes (longer than usuall) then it stop. Saturday morning when start it up nope quiet as a mouse there is still a few whining noise now and then but you really have to listen to it for you to notice it.... For Other people reference this is what i use

for flushing GUNK Oil Flush (kerosene base)
Mobil One Motor Oil 5W-30W
Duralube for additive

I Know that maybe there is still a problem with my Camshaft bearing but at least i could wait till after christmass to address the problem THANKS AGAIN YELLOW
Mind you, it IS a temporary solution. But if it gets you by til you can to the top end, GREAT! When you do the cam, get a race style, and you might want to look at a stage 2 set of heads from supersix...hewhe. They have a cam and heads kit that will do you nicely!
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

See 03 knows his **** for being the official V6 post *****
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

yep, he's a ****
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

ORIGINAL: matthockey32

yep, he's a ****
*blushes* Awe gee thanks guys!![8D]
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Old 12-12-2005, 11:37 PM
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

oK GUYS just an update on whats causing the squealing sound...

i went to my dad's house in sandiego and luckily my dad's neighbor and friend is a mustang lover and restorer i told him about the problem i had, he listen to the noise (there is still some soft whining noise coming from the timing belt cover) and told me what is wrong is not the timing chain or the camshaft bearing its the CAMSHAFT POSITION SYNCHRONIZER he took one from his wife mustang (his wife pass away earlier this year) and put it into my car and sure enough even the soft squealing sound is gone....

He told me he has seen people tearing up there engine fearing its the camshaft or the timing belt that is making that sound but all you need to do is get a $20.00 stethoscope and listen to the sensor and you would know its only the sensor assembly that is bad... Well needless to say the at least 2 days work of tearing down the engine was reduce to 30 minutes procedure....... Now my only problem is getting my own SYNCHRONIZER ASSEMBLY so that i could return his.....

Just taught i share this to you guys Thanks again for the HELP
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

I grabbed my Haynes manual and took a look and heres what it says

CPS is mounted adjacent to a pulse wheel located on the crankshaft. The crankshaft sensor monitors the pulse wheel as the teeth pass under the magnaetic field created by sensor. I took a pic with my cam as well hopefully it kinda helps.

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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

hi guys, i'm having the same problem. mine is a v6 02 with 35k.
Is it expensive to do the sensor thing?
let me know please
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Default RE: Weird Squeaking Sound

Get a synchroniser out of a wreckers yard for about $50. You need to retime the replacment unit though.
Got a CEL on ?

ATB Steve
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Default Could this be the same sound

So in theory, my sons 2002 GT 4.6 L is a Tremec TR-3650. Would anyone be able to help me diagnose this engine sound? Is it a clutch issue?

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Default Chirping sound, not the belt

Sounds like a cam position sensor drive (very common) on these. It is mounted where the distributor used to be and is easy to change, just make sure to use the tool provided to index it or it will not run well. You're lucky it isn't a 94. The drive for them is getting hard to find and cost is over $150 with a core to exchange (if you can find one). Good luck with your car.
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