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Unhappy Possibly bad news...

I posted this in the mods section, so figured I'd share here as well...

Originally Posted by RyansQuick6 View Post
Well everyone, I'm sure many of you are familiar with my car. Even if you didn't follow the years of build post you may know that I was rear ended a few years back, 2 weeks after all the custom paint and body work was done.

Well all of it was repaired by a body shop and paid by Progressive. Well all these years later, issues have come up. Shoddy body and paint work, discovered non-repaired components, damaged caused by the shop unrelated to the accident, yadda yadda yadda.

So I finally decided to take it and have it all fixed under Progressive's Lifetime Warranty. I took to one of my customers, who's a legit custom car guy. It's been there since last friday. I showed him my concerns so he could show the adjuster.

Well the adjuster called me today. They are going to remove the rear bumper and gas tank, which was all replaced due to the severe hit I took, and inspect the underbody and trunk areas.

It's already on the verge of being totalled without the teardown.

The damage when it orignally happened was not bad enough to come close to totalling it. To repair the work that the shop did, as well as the stuff they didn't repair is going to cost more than the car retails at. ****ty part, is that I have a lot more money in it than that.

It gets torn apart tomorrow, and the adjuster will go back thursday to inspect. The adjuster has been really great, he saw the car and knew that it had to be done meticulously, so we will have a big sit down friday to go over every single line of the estimate to make sure nothing is missed.

I've put a lot of years worth blood and sweat into this car. The thought of it being totalled over a shops thievery and willful negligence just infuriates me.

So I'm just sitting here hoping it all works out and my toy is fixed. But if worse comes to worst, I'm still buying it back. I'll part it out before I see it go to the scrap yard.
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Sucks man, I had something similar happen with my powerstroke and liberty mutual
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Well that sucks.
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Man that really does suck. Hope you can get this thing back on the road!
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I hope it all works out in your favor. You have a nice car there. That's one of the problems with an older car though. My last car was a 2000 and if someone did more then scratch the paint they would have totaled it. Suddenly not worth putting more money into it. (Hence my new Stang .)
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im so sorry man i hope it works out *hugs*
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Well dang. I love your car. Always sucks to lose something to someone else's negligence. Hope this gets resolved without that worst case scenario.
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You aren't allowed to post updates like that.

Push my favorite legal term in car claims: Cost of Replacement. They legally owe you market value of a car of equal quality. Screw the book value and any of the junk. I'd also gear up to go after the shop who did it in the first place to recover costs.

By the way... Hi buddy! Welcome back to the forum! Nice to see you around again.
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I never left, just check in about once a week or so. Things seem to be in control so I don't interfere lol

Even the body shop manager agrees that they would have to go back to 2008 to even attempt to figure out value, since that's the time the loss actually occured. They'll just LOVE having to add the value of that paint job a whole 2 weeks after it was done. No way to squeeze out depreciation there.

People wonder why I'm so picky about keeping receipts, this is why. All of my bases are covered.

This was supposed to have an answer within 48 hours of me dropping it off, well, that started last friday. I am going to meet with them tomorrow, and they have until next friday to give me an answer or they'll be dealing with my lawyer.

The body shop manager believes that they are just going to try to buy me off, basically cut me a big check and let me deal with it. Him, being a custom vehicle builder as well, already warned them that the paint job can't be "repaired" or blended, it has to be done from scratch in order to be right.

I was informed today that 5 adjusters have pushed it off because they're afraid to deal with it. They know they are in a bind and no matter the result, it will not be a small payment. I'm also going to inform them tomorrow, that I am owed the $50 a day rental fees since last friday, and will be expecting a check every week until the entire ordeal is 100% complete.
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wow, I never knew someone had hit you. I would really look to the old shop if they are still around to help with costs.

But yes why you don't talk to us anymore. :'(
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