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V6 S197 General Discussion This section is for technical discussions pertaining specifically to the V6 variation of the 2005 and newer Ford Mustang.
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Default 4.0L Tech FAQ (Read here before asking about TUNERS!)

If the items here do not answer your questions. Please post your new questions in the appropriate tech sections above.


Q: When I try to fill my gas tank it shuts off!
A: Yes, there is a Ford TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) out on this. Check the TSB section Above.

Q: There is a popping noise when I make turns.
A: Yes, there is a Ford TSB out on this. (Technical Service Bulletin) Check the TSB section Above.

Q: My Emergency/Parking brake is stuck/frozen!
A: Yes, there is a Ford TSB out on this. (Technical Service Bulletin) Check the TSB section Above.

Q:How can I improve the throttle lag?
A: You can purchase a CAI(cold air intake) and a tuner which can cost upwards of 650 dollars. (But worth every penny!)
Here’s a tip from a fellow poster to help with the throttle lag a bit:

“Turn the key to ON (DO NOT START THE CAR!) and wait till all the normal lights in the dash go out, then slowly press the gas pedal until it is floored and release. Turn key off, wait about 6 seconds and then start your car. Give it a try.” - shave35

Q: I’m looking for a new exhaust, any sound clips?
A: Please look at the Exhaust Sound Clips Topic at the top of the page or use the search function.

Q: Will my performance mods void my warranty?
A: No, they will not void your entire warranty. Ford will just no longer cover the part that you replace. They can’t say if your axle breaks that it was because of your exhaust upgrade. If you do a mod and they can prove that the mod caused the failure then they won’t cover it.

Q: What is the difference between an axle back and a cat back exhaust.
A: An axle back is basically just swapping out the muffler (from the axle back *) A cat
Back system is the mufflers and the Tubing up to catalytic converter.

Q: My car Drones. What is a resinator and where can I get them?
A: Drone occurs when you are cruising at a constant rpm and have the exact same muffler setup on both sides of the car. The reason why this produces drone is because the sound waves occur at the exact same time, and sound exactly the same, creating a "drone".
What flapjack did was put the resonators staggered three inches to eliminate the drone. By placing them three inches apart the exhaust goes through one resonator before the other eliminating the exact sound at the exact same time. This eliminates drone. Midas or any muffler shop will carry them. -nicarc369

Q: How much does my V6 Pony weigh?
A: 3300 Pounds

Q: What does the traction control do?
A: Traction control uses the ABS system to pulse the brakes on a wheel it detects as spinning, slowing it and hopefully allowing the non-spinning wheel on the other side to receive some power. In that sense it is somewhat similar to a limited slip. A limited slip does this job far better though and doesn't wear your brake pads while doing it. -Torch_Vert

Q: Im thinking about putting dual GT take offs on my V6, but i'm wondering what it takes to do it. Also, Can I cut the bumper or do I have to have a GT bumper?
A: Check this Step By Step thread by Tres Wright.
V6 dual GT mufflers how-to w/ pics

Q: How can I make my car MUCH FASTER with MORE POWER?
A: Check out this power adders thread at the 4.0 Collective.
Power Adders Thread

Q: What track times can I expect with my mods?
A: Check out this forum of times posted by users at the 4.0 Collective
Track Times

Q: I want to put the GT bumpers on my car. Any tips?
A: Check out this thread by SPARTAN VI.

Q: Why is my window tint scratched?!
A: A strip of felt needs to be added. There is a TSB out on this.

Q: My car makes a clicking noise and sounds like air is leaking.
A: The clicking is normal, just the A/C compressor cycling.
From Backlash -
AC air compressor discharge: In short, the brief blast of air you may hear while driving with windows down is normal and comes from the AC air compressor - nothing is wrong with your car. On my car it sounded like someone letting off a blast of compressed air every several minutes or so, or the air brakes on a city bus letting out (but a fraction of the volume).

A simple test to see if the noise is from the compressor is to turn the AC off and it will go away. On my car if I turn it on with the windows open, and then turn on the AC - I'll hear the blast right away. The blast occurs during driving or idling in neutral.

"V6 How to" Threads: Handling


"V6 How to" Threads: Appearance



Don't let FORD charge you 100 bucks to replace your Cabin Air Filter (thanks lmmmmm)


Mastersheet for 05+ Mustang Stereo Removal


The Shaker has a an RDS option, hold down the menu button for 3 seconds to access the function. It will then display the radio stations or the type of music the station is.

A tuner (reflashing) will change the program that your car runs on. To avoid warranty issues just "Flash" back to stock before having it serviced. It's really a case by case basis depending on your dealer. Read this post by scrming:

"If you flash your car can the dealership tell? Yes, they can... No, they can't.... The debate has raged on long enough!!!

Here is the answer I got back from my sources inside of Ford engineering... I even had multiple sources confirm this... I'm sure someone is going to disagree with me... however I basically went to the horse's mouth on this one...

As it stands TODAY, all the dealership can tell is the last time the computer has been reset. Notice I said reset, not reflashed. Yes, reflashing does set this reset "date". But guess what... so does disconnecting the battery! LOL! So the dealership has no way of know what caused the reset... Simply tell them you left your lights on! LOL! Or in my case the bottle heaters! Ok, so maybe not the bottle heaters! LOL!

Now Ford does have a way to download the programming in the computer... if you did not reflash the car to stock then they will obviously see the differences and no you reflashed the car... however if you put the computer back to stock then all they will be able to tell is that the comptuer was reset... again... oops... i killed my battery... LOL!

Hopefully this will put an end to the debate...."


Here are the most common companies for the XCAL2 tuner in no particular order:

Fred At Evolution Performance Site Sponsor
Doug At Bamachips
Lidio At Alternative Auto
Brent At Brenspeed Site Sponsor
TunableInduction [URL=http://www.tunableinduction.com/][b]
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Default RE: 4.0 Tech FAQ (Read here before asking about TUNERS!)

so would a GT DS be a worthwhile upgrade? So it doesn't explode.
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Default RE: 4.0 Tech FAQ (Read here before asking about TUNERS!)

why is there -1 replies?
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Default RE: 4.0 Tech FAQ (Read here before asking about TUNERS!)

I was on Ebay looking at Mustang Stuff. I have a 2006 Convertible (Still in storage until snow and salt leave), first Mustang, prior Corvette guy.

I noticed there was a couple of people advertising performance chips with 35-62HP increase etc and increased milage they range from $6.95 to $36.00 etc. Is this all a crock of crap or is there any validity to their claims. They also say install is so easy a "CAVEMAN" could do it, LOL
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Default RE: 4.0 Tech FAQ (Read here before asking about TUNERS!)

A few of the links are broken (have **** in the url). I'm assuming this is filtering being done by the site but I have no idea what to fill in there, can someone clue me in?
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