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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I was sitting at a light last week when a white GT pulled up along side. The guy revved his engine and pointed down the road. I nodded and smiled. When the light tripped green off he went... followed by the unmarked police car (a Dodge Charger) sitting on the right hand intersection. I passed him about a 1/4 mile down the road. Of course, he was sitting on the shoulder getting a ticket for drag racing and who knows what else (about $400 all told around here).

If I want to race there are plenty of tracks around here (including Lowe's Motor Speedway) that I can get time at. In most cases I just shake my head no, smile and wave and that's that. No hard feelings, no chases down the highway and no tickets kicking up my insurance premiums.

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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I let them peel off like a douche, note the plates, then call the cops to report them.

A lot of states have new stricter laws against street racing, impounding cars and suspending licenses. Ever since fast and the furious has come out, every 16 year old kid in his moms car is out there putting people at risk.

If you feel ashamed or less of a man because you didnt "meet da challenge of da street yo", then I suggest you look into male enhancement surgery or testosterone patches or something.

The streets aren't a frigging playground, go to the track.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I usually ignore them.....if they keep being obnoxious, I shake my head, give them a thumbs down...or some sort of international **** off sign language. On few occasions, I had them follow me to the store I was going to, talk it up with me in the parking lot. I say the same thing to all of them, meet you at the track this sunday at Noon. They always back down.

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Feng Houzi
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I like to just glance over and shake my head in a disapointed dad-like way... or rev and take off normal so the cop gets them. Muah ah ah.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I remember some guy with some passengers in a little white car wanted to race. When he passed by me on the right lane, he looked all pissed off and acted like he was about to flick his lit cigarette at my car. I thought, "sheez, what an immature a$$"....

But the fact is, I am no longer driving a Mercury Sable or a Buick Century... lol... So I suppose I'll have to get used to the periodic challenge and as one post above mentioned... ignoring people might not set very well with them.... so.... I think a look, a nod in the "nope" direction with a bit of a smile and maybe a sort of hands up in the air like... what? me? nahhhh.. should at least let them think they were cool rather than ignored and thus somehow challenged in other ways? lol....

I get the idea a bit better now though. I'll acknowledge the worthy and ignore the rest. And if anyone follows me to the next gas station parking lot because they felt insulted.... they really might rather wish they hadn't.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

I was driving with my brother once, he has a supercharged 98 Cobra (around 500-510hp). Some kid in a riced out 2dr accord wanted to race and my brother just looked at him and he started reving his engine. When the light turned green the accord took off as if he was racing and my brother just took off normally. When I asked why he didn't do anything, he said something to affect of let him think he can beat a cobra so the next GT he challenges hands him his ***.

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I like that response to. I dont race neither does my brother. Only one time he did and has not done it since.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

Street racing is dangerous and immature.

If someone really thinks they are a "hot shot" they should take it to the track, where the only lives they are endagering are those who are voluntarily there.

If someone appears to be challenging me to a race, I usually give them my "there's no way my poor pony can beat your mom's bad @$$ Camry" smile and keep on driving.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

ORIGINAL: celenztah

Not sure where is best to ask this, but I'm a V6 Automatic owner and thought I'd ask the V6 gang.

I'm 45 and while I'm quite capable of radical behavior, I am just not prepared to do random street race challenges. I get taunted or revved at or even had a 'vette block me off on the freeway and slow down revving off and on waiting for me to pull out along side him to race I suppose. The other day I had a slightly older 'stang pull along side me and intentionally matched my speed and started revving at me.

To date, I just ignore them all and don't even look over. But maybe that is more rude than offering some sort of gesture to "politely say no"? Is there some sort of universal "street etiquette" way of saying nope, not today?
just dont do it if you dont want to. its not like you are going to see that person again, so why does it matter?
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

It's not worth the time, gas and putting yourself and others at risk......I just don't acknowledge them....let them dream they beat you.
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Default RE: How to say no to race challenges?

It's really easy for us guys (no matter age) to give in to the testasterone chalenge. I remember about 5 years ago me and a group of friends were riding our Harleys when one said at a light "last one at the bar buys" I don't know what took over but here we were grown men ( I had my girlfriend on the back) racing and I mean blowing red lights to get to the bar. It was insane, fun ...... but when I had a chance to think about what could have happened I really get pissed at myself. Thanks god no one got hurt........I did win though LOL
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