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Old 07-16-2007, 12:16 AM   #21
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Default RE: Mustang envy

I have a three year old.. and another due any time now.. This car is my grocery getter.. my kid taxi.. my mini-van...
I've always wanted Mustang.. last October I talked my wife into going to the Ford dealer to take a look at the new stangs..seeing as we were leasing a Mazda 6 and the lease was almost up. I saw an opportunity and took it. I told myself that I would not "settle" for the 6 and would get the GT.. well one test drive later.. and I had my car. The black pony package was exactly what i wanted.. and after a few relatively inexpensive mods.. is the car I have always wanted.
I feel fortunate that I can drive this car.. just after my wife and I start our family and careers.. and it's super affordable.. AND
I get compliments all the time.
I pick up moulding from home depot.. no problem.. just fold down the seats.. Groceries.. just an excuse to take a cruse...
+ my 3 year old daughter loves the car.. every time I open the garage.. she says .. "wow.. pretty".. and walks by and points at the pony emblems on the side.... When I go to car shows... I leave the car seat(s) in the back..
this car rocks..
if Ford didn't sell this car at an affordable price.. who the hell knows what i'd be driving.
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Old 07-16-2007, 01:10 AM   #22
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Default RE: Mustang envy

I used to be a 6er guy, never let anyone tell you that you should have, could have, or what he would he would have done....Its a mustang.
Nice Pony I love the sleepers as much as you do I think I just ran out of power on my 6 and had to go to the 8 I still wish I had my 6...more memories in it but making them slowly in my 8.
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Old 07-16-2007, 01:59 AM   #23
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Default RE: Mustang envy

ORIGINAL: mightymax

Hi Folks,
I have not experienced much "hate" but one of the wifes co-workers asked her if I got the "crappy six".

Anyway as the argument for the limited back seat and cargo space. There is no argument! The Mustang is a ponycar and from the get go it was really designed for two but two could occasionally ride along in the rear seat. Every Ponycar has the same makeup. My Camaro or 69 Stanghad no backseat space to offer a comfortable cruise for part time occupants. Neither did the Cuda my friend once had.
The trunk is big enough for a couple of suitcases or bags from the store. Ponycars are not and never have been meant to be the family "grocery getter". Theywere designed for the "youth market" and that translates into they are meant to be fun cars and not econobox family haulers. I have a convertible so I am sure my trunk space is even less than a coupe. Also do coupes have fold down rear seats? I digress...

I traded off my Camaro and 69 Mustang when the kids came along. I drove junk for 12 plus years until I got my 06. When I come around a corner or turn from a stoplight I sometimes catch the looks of those guys driving the kids in the Minivan. Those looks speak to me and they say loud and clear....
"you lucky Bastage!" Believe me I know cause I did my time in family car purgatory.

Also I originally wanted a GT and never test drove a 6. They would not deal. Then when 0 percent came along and they had a 6er with my name on it. My price went from 34K (GT)to 27K (loaded 6 pony)and my payment which would have been 460.00 went to less than 300.00. I did not need those 90 hp for 7 grand and besides I still have those kids to feed! No sir those 6 haters can bite me if they can catch me! If they catch me I will wave to them with the top down and my favorite cd in the player!

Max Bryant
thanks for your story Max. I can relate to it. I'll be in the market for a car, I mean a PONY car soon. I'm checking on my financial situation and looking to get both sons out of college soon. I've done my time with junkers and clunkers. I think I've been through about a dozen or more vehicles, including the cars the boys drive, and out of those I have only bought one new in 1997, and it has been the most reliable. (Of course, I know its history!)

Its about that time again.

I need reliability again. Well, I mean more reliability than I have. Its a 50 mile round trip to/from work. (A lot of highway, but sometimes the highways get cramped - Austin Texas).

My last project, which is failing me, is a 98 3.8 Stang I got at an auction. But its my first vert. And I love the feel of 70 mph with the top down and cool weather (earlier this year). This is where I am headed, new ('07 is new enough), convertible, v6.

My dad calls these "kiddy cars."
Gotta love my dad, I do. He's always so practical. Hes a got a Ram 1500, and a Trailblazer, but he wants the minivan again. I got a Ram 1500 too, and the wife gets the 97 Neon. My truck is for hauling stuff, the new car will be for hauling my lethargic *** to and from work. And then just playing around.

Cruising. (I don't think Dad knows what that is.... a generational thing I guess.)

"If and when" I get my new ride, I'll move over here to this forum a little more permanently.

-Joe J.
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Old 07-16-2007, 10:04 AM   #24
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Default RE: Mustang envy

Hey Joe,
You will love your new Mustang. I have a 91 Chevy S-10 that is my "work car". I drive 40 miles to work (each way) and do not want to rack up needless mileage on my Mustang. I will drive it to work one or two days and believe me it makes the trip a whole lot more enjoyable than that lil pickup truck. Also that S-10 is a 4 banger and has 80 whole horses under the hood. Also only gets 21 mpg! (thanks Chevy)
The difference in perfomance the Mustang has is astounding. I feel giddy everytime I drive it! I feel it is faster than my 79 8 cylinder Camaro was and I do believe it is as fast if not faster than my 69 Mustang with a 351, was.

Get yourself the car you want and you don't have to please anyone else! Come hang out in here!!!

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Old 07-16-2007, 10:23 AM   #25
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Default RE: Mustang envy

I was cruising around on Friday, checking out the old hot rods in the next town over (they have a classic night every friday with old hot rods, stangs, motorcycles, etc...) and was heading home, when a BEAUTIFULLY done old chevy pulled up next to me at the light. I was turning to compliment his work, when before I could open my mouth, HE starts complimenting my ride. We bull****ted for a few minutes, then the light turned green and we went our seperate ways. I was left absolutely dumbfounded haha. 6 or not, the look of the car itself seems to demand respect.
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Old 08-12-2007, 05:52 PM   #26
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Default RE: Mustang envy

I think the 07 V6 would do lot towards making that 50 mile commute less lethargic....especially if you get a vert!....enjoy your pony when you get it. I wish I had a longer commute to work.
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Old 08-12-2007, 07:02 PM   #27
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Default RE: Mustang envy

ORIGINAL: musicheadt

I think the 07 V6 would do lot towards making that 50 mile commute less lethargic....especially if you get a vert!....enjoy your pony when you get it. I wish I had a longer commute to work.

Careful what you ask for Troy.

My commute is 90 miles... each way.

But, that's why I bought my pony.

3+ hrs a day in a car, I'm gonna damn well enjoy it!

2006, 56,000+ miles.

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Old 08-12-2007, 07:35 PM   #28
NMJim 07 V6
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Default RE: Mustang envy

Let me tell you, my 9 & 8 yr. old boys both fit in the back seat of my stang comfortabily and I can fit my golf clubs in the trunk just fine!
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Old 08-12-2007, 09:30 PM   #29
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Default RE: Mustang envy

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Default RE: Mustang envy

Ive had a couple of people saying its a chick car.

The older ones are, I agree, not the 05 and up though.

Thats the only one i have gotton


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