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Old 10-27-2013, 10:52 PM   #451
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Originally Posted by 2007StangV6 View Post
I actually got something right? I'm moving up in this world! Haha.

The specs that AM has for both kits show that they both run 10-11psi. I thought smaller pulley = more boost?

If I do "upgrade" to the Xtreme, do I also need to get the Snow Performace Booster Cooler, or something similar? Or is that used for mainly track purposes? How long does the meth/water mix usually last?

F/I is pretty new to me, so aside from knowing WHAT it does, I don't actually know what I NEED.
Everything being equal, smaller pulley = more boost, but the Xtreme adds a heat exchanger between the blower outlet and the lower manifold. It takes some extra pressure to push the air through the exchanger's fins. But the air coming through, even though it may be more or less the same pressure is cooler, and hence engine timing can be set to make more power.
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Old 12-05-2013, 01:49 PM   #452
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For anyone considering an X-Charger hit me up for info on trading my X-Charged car for your N/A car. https://mustangforums.com/forum/must...-or-trade.html
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Old 04-18-2016, 11:45 AM   #453
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I just made this account and saw your post, are you still in the Dallas area? I would like to see it in person.
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Old 04-18-2016, 11:47 AM   #454
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Originally Posted by cubican View Post
Im in Dallas DFW area if anyone like to take a look just PM me.
Are you still in the Dallas Area? I would like to see the x-charger in person.
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Old 04-10-2017, 01:05 PM   #455
Mr. Ugly
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Huge thanks to Dave Vanek of Explorer Express for saving my butt on getting my car smogged!

I had been wracking my brains since January trying to figure out why the EGR wouldn't work on my car.

I was running an AM/BAMA emissions tune that passed inspections twice before. But now I was getting an EGR not ready error.

I tested and replaced components, checked calibrations on sensors, downloaded and studied over 1000 pages of factory service manuals and schematics, 100's of pages of OBD2 technical descriptions, went through all kinds of pinpoint tests, flashed and reflashed PCM multiple times, drove 1100 miles of drive cycles, checked wiring, PCM grounds, hoses, PIDs, logged live data, pulled Mode 6 data, checked: IAT sensor, CKP sensor, TP sensor, MAF sensor, MAP sensor, CT sensor, thermostat, throttle motor, solenoids, valves, and more.

Live data showed that EGR was never commanded over 0%. Other testing showed that the EGR monitor got through the voltage and vacuum checks, but just refused to activate the EGR flow during part throttle.

I tried to get the dealer to pull diagnostics on from the car, but they wouldn't touch it at all.

I emailed Dave last month and got a bunch of useful suggestions, but still couldn't figure out the problem.

By now, my registration is expired and I'm coming up on the end of my one time temporary operating permit. I'm figuring that I'll never be able to register or drive the car again.

Out of desperation last week, I loaded the stock tune and drove the car, being careful to stay out of boost. As soon as I got down the block, the live data showed the EGR to be working fine!

So there was nothing wrong with the car at all. Just that the AM/BAMA smog tune didn't actually activate all the emissions equipment.

Great, so I emailed AM to get the tune fixed, because you know - "free tunes for life". Lots of back and forth emails, but the end result was "no tunes for you" and "we can't find any of your info/files".

Last Friday, Dave emailed to see if I got things worked out. After a month, he still remembered my problem and checked in on me.

I gave him an update about the cause of the problem, and how I couldn't get anywhere with AM, the Ford dealer, or the local tuning shop.

By Saturday, he had contacted Doug Studdard(the original and REAL BamaChips, not the one that's currently using the name) and got me a new legal working CA emissions tune for my X-Charger Xtreme.

I loaded the tune and got all the OBD2 monitors to complete in less than 7 miles of drive cycle. So now I can pass inspection and get my tags.

Dave and Doug really came through for me when I needed help the most.

This is what Dave says:

I still feel a loyalty to all those who have expressed their confidence in me by buying my products. I've tried to give each X-C owner my best effort. "Your total satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome" has always been more than just a motto to us in all of our businesses. I intend to stay available to any X-man who needs assistance.
And from my experience that is 100% true.

Got inspected this morning and passed with no problem.

Big thanks!
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Old 04-10-2017, 08:45 PM   #456
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You won't find better customer service than that offered by Dave and Patty. Great people and a great product.
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