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Default Kaixen HID Light Kits! Highest Quality!

Kaixen HID Kits- Highest Quality HID Kits with 1-year replacement warranty!

[/align]Hello Mustang Owners,

I have KAIXEN HID Kits available forMustang Forummembers at a great price. These are one of the highest quality HID light kits you can buy, with one of the lowest defect rates in the industry.

What is HID?

HID states for High Intensity Discharge[/b]. The light is emitted from an arc discharge between two closely spaced electrodes hermetically sealed inside a small quartz glass tubular envelope capsule. To operate, they require ballasts, which supply proper voltage and control current. The amount of light produced is greater than a standard halogen bulb, while consuming less power, and more closely approximating the color temperature of natural daylight.

3X brighter [/b]than any halogen bulbs. Typical halogen bulbs will give you between 500 to 1000 Lumens, while consuming 55 watts or more. HID on the other hand will give you 3200 Lumens (based on 4300K), while consuming only 35 watts. Halogen 1000 Lumen vs HID 3200 Lumen = HID at 3x the light output of halogen. The difference in light output is like day and night. The color temperature of HID lighting is a whiter light and more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight than does a halogen system, which appears yellowish in comparison.

HID bulbs last longer than halogen[/b], almost 10 times longer. HID bulbs will last about 2500 hours. This means, it will last about 3 to 5 years of regular usage.

You have the option to get Pure White (5000K),
Crystal White with blue (6000K), Crystal Purple (6500K), and Crystal Blue (8500K).

No after market HID kit nor HID retrofit kit is USA DOT certified. These lights are for show and off road use only. Unless your vehicle came from the factory with HID, they are not legal. It’s like a higher wattage bulb, or a muffler that is louder than the original, or wider tires that stick out past the mud flap, or tinted front door windows can be technically illegal, it's up to the user if they want to take the risk or not.

Kaixen brand key facts:
1. These are a 100% genuine Made in Korea brand.

2. Kaixen HID kits were first sold using Philips / Matshu****a ballasts and bulbs starting in 1999. Since then, Kaixen has received its own license as well as hiring several key engineers from
to develop its own high quality ballast and bulbs since 2002.

3. Kaixen is the only company other than Philips to develop the diamond-cut bulbs.

4. Kaixen is
2001 registered, E13 certified, and KQA quality assurance certified.

5. All kits are made direct in the factory, and are not "rebased" as most Philips HID kits are made.

6. Fit and finish quality is second to none.

7. Quality comparable to, if not better than, OEM materials.

8. Comes with 1-year full replacement defect warranty handled in the

9. Sold in over 55 countries, #2 selling HID kit in Europe & Australia after #1 OEM kit.

Competitive Comparison:

1. Made in China & Taiwanproducts: Yes, they’re cheap, but are getting a good value for your money. Although "Made in China" products have improved in recent years, most of the HID manufacturers in China are poorly managed, use cheap labor causing more risk of product defects, use cheaper raw materials causing more risk of defects, and fit & finish is poor compared to other Korean, Japanese, or German brands. There's a reason why many of these kits (mostly sold on EBAY) are sold for around $130 to $200. It's because they cost that much less to build. Many times cutting corners to save money, in areas that shouldn't be cut like labor, materials and quality control. 2. OEM / Philips: Direct OEM replacement kits cost around $600 per one side (over $1000 for both sets). Therefore, many people go to the "next best thing", Philips. However, what most people don't know is that Philips does not make a variety of sizes. Philip's buyers like Audi do not use all variations of sizes. This is why many resellers "rebase" the Philips bulbs to make it fit into sizes that are not originally made from a Philips factory. There is a higher risk of product defect because of this modification. This is also another reason that many Philips kit's warranty is only valid from the reseller, and not from Philips head office.

In comparison, Kaixen manufactures all sizes and colors directly from their manufacturing facility in
South Korea
. There is no rebasing or modification done outside of the factory, and all warranties are offered directly from Kaixen.

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