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Diode Dynamics 11-08-2012 10:30 PM

NEW 2015: PREMIUM HIDS! $150, includes everything you need!

Diode Dynamics is pleased to announce the new Premium Diode Dynamics HID Conversion Kit. This kit has been carefully designed from the ground up to be the highest-quality HID kit available on the market, without exception.

Ballast: The ballasts are the most important component of an HID kit, as they provide the power. After years of providing midrange and high-quality ballasts for vehicles of all makes and models, Diode Dynamics learned what was important in making a good ballast, and applied it when designing these.

Controller Chip. Most digital (DSP) ballasts on the market still use generic chips, which are cheap, and work pretty well. However, when you need maximum quality, you need a new computer chip designed for one purpose. This is known as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). These ballasts use brand new DSP ASIC chips for maximum efficiency and brightness, fast warmup time, and extremely stable operation.

CAN-BUS. Some vehicles have systems which sense the power consumption. Since HIDs use less power than factory halogen bulbs, this can cause issues. You can resolve this by adding capacitors, known as warning cancellers, or some ballasts come with them built-in. However, sometimes that's still not enough to trick the vehicle! To fix it, this ballast has not one, but two CAN-BUS modules, which provide capacitance and resistance to the circuit to defeat even the most troublesome modern CANBUS systems. Even if your vehicle does not use a CAN-BUS system, these modules will provide extra power smoothing for reliable operation. Simply put, this ballast will work on any vehicle, the first time you plug it in. With this kit, you don't need to worry about capacitors, warning cancellers, or resistors.

Igniter and Startup. You may have heard of ignition issues with other ballasts, caused by an igniter that is too small to withstand cold temperatures. No reason to worry with these ballasts- the oversized 24kV external igniter means that you will never have an ignition issue, even in the coldest temperatures. Additionally, the ASIC chip in these ballasts means that you only need 4 amps at nominal voltage to start up. These ballasts consume less power than any other on the market, meaning 100% reliable and fast startups, every time.

Shielding. Ever noticed a little black plastic thing clipped onto your laptop charger cord? That's a ferrite bead, which is used to suppress high-frequency signals, which can create radio interference. All ballasts generate these signals, and most just have protection in the ballast. We've also included ferrite beads on the wire, to suppress them.

LED Indicator. Convenience is key, especially during installation. To make things easy, we've added an indicator LED on the input wire, so you know that the ballast is getting power.

Case. These ballasts are the smallest you will find, about the size of a pack of playing cards. The case is fully potted, or filled with epoxy, which makes them fully waterproof and shockproof. Most ballasts on the market are filled to some degree, but these are completely filled to the top, sparing no expense to ensure longevity.

The bulbs included with Diode Dynamics kits are CNLight bulbs. CNLight is the top manufacturer of aftermarket bulbs in the world, providing the best quality available. You might see other high-quality kits on the market which also use CNLight bulbs. They provide superior life, brightness, and color attenuation when compared to generic HID bulbs, like those found in most cheaper kits on the market. The one-piece base design prevents any issues with separation over time, making the entire bulb extremely reliable.

The CNLight bulb temperatures are rated accurately in Kelvin temperature at 35W, and have an industry-standard 3000 hours of estimated bulb life, which should outlast your vehicle. Please be aware that most HID bulbs are rated inaccurately from other manufacturers. 8000K is not dark blue, and 6000K is not pure white! We provide accurately-measured colors. 3000K is our lowest temperature, and has a pure yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights. 4300K is a pure white output, as seen on many factory HIDs. It will not have any blue tint to its color, and might appear slightly warm. 6000K is our most popular color, which produces an ice white color. It has a very slight hint of blue, and matches best with most LEDs. 8000K is our highest temperature, which produces an ice blue color. This is not a strong blue color though- it is still primarily white, meaning there will be no decrease in light output.

Your Premium CAN-BUS HID Kit includes a brand new Heavy-Duty HID Relay, to power your HIDs directly from the battery, instead of the factory wiring. This relay has been designed from scratch, and utilizes a fully-sealed, waterproof relay, with flyback diode, and even has a built-in capacitor for input power smoothing. All wires are sleeved with braided techflex for an attractive appearance and extra protection. The input wires are each a meter long, and the output wires are one meter and two meters, which means the wiring will be long enough for even the biggest vehicles. The single-ground design makes installation easy. This relay was designed with reliability, convenience, and long-life in mind.

Warranty: Our warranty is through Diode Dynamics, LLC, so you can be assured that you will get fast and friendly service should you have any problems. There is a full-replacement 1-year warranty on all HID Kit components, including HID Bulbs, Ballasts and Relay.

Shipment: We carry our own inventory, so no waiting for them to be shipped from overseas, or waiting on big, unreliable suppliers to ship them. They ship right from our own inventory, in St. Louis, Missouri, usually the same day you order.
Kit comes with:

  • One pair HID bulbs in your choice of bulb size and color
  • Two 35w super-slim ballasts
  • Mounting hardware for ballasts
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on electronics (ballasts and wiring)
  • Full one-year warranty on all components
  • Free Diode Dynamics decal
  • Diode Dynamics 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Heavy-duty HID Relay Harness to protect your factory electronics.

Click To Order Mustang HID Kit:
1994-2004 Fog Lights
2005-2009 H10 Fog Lights
2008-2014 Fog Lights

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email [email protected]

Thanks for looking!
Nick C.
Diode Dynamics

Customer Reviews:

"I always liked how the HID lights on the 2013 mustangs matched. I have the HID headlights but regular fog lights. This was such an easy upgrade. the install was a lot easier than I thought. the only tool you need is a flat head screwdriver. If you have the fog lights in the grill (GT model) then get the H10 bulbs. if the fog lights are like a California Special go with the H11's I ordered the wrong ones by mistake the first time around. The final product looks great. my fog lights are now brighter and all the lights match. I would highly recommend this kit. you will not be disappointed especially if you have the HID headlights on your 2011/2012 mustang GT. I got the 4300K temp bulbs and they are perfect." (Posted on December 16, 2013)

"Installation went per plan both from thinking this thru and also re reading the directions. Installation was simple after removal of the existing lamps. I did attache my ballast/negators to interal rubber frame area with screws to secure them. I also tied up excess wires in the harness. Nice to have functional Fog lights instead of incandescent halogen that are over powered by the Factory HID headlights.

Thank you" (Posted on January 2, 2014)

"Purchased the "1994-2004 Ford Mustang Hi/Lo Beam HID Conversion Kit" with the RELAY + 9007 BiXenon. Everything was plug and play. Luckily I had a friend who had done this a few weeks ago and helped me.

Placed on the passenger side is the harness end with the Ballast, Relay, High beam and Ground connector, while driver's side is where the Ground connector plus the single Power cable (RED) that connects to the positive cable on the battery. The rest of the connectors are fool proof and plug n play.

Install took about 30 minutes due to routing of the harness so that it was clean looking and hidden as much as possible.

Definitely will recommend to friends and family."

(Posted on 2/18/13)

"By Far these are the best of the best. I have been through many HID Kits for the mustangs that i have owned and these are the best aftermarket HID kit that I have seen!!!!!!!!
(Posted on December 20, 2013)

"Just installed my bi xenon 6000k kit and what great quality. Right out of the box you know you don't have some cheap knockoff. Everything plugged together perfectly, harness was JUST the right length. The hi/low option works great and really lights up the way. Completely satisfied from ordering, shipping time, and finished product" (Posted on December 17, 2013)

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