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Default Cooper Zeon RS3 Tires

I recently purchased a set of Cooper RS3-A 235/50/18 (all season performance variant) tires for my 2008 GT and I am VERY pleased with these tires. They are a better tire than the original BF Goodrich G-Force T/A's that came with the car in every way imaginable.

First, they have a more all-season tread cut to help wick water away from the tires when you get caught in the rain. I normally won't take my Stang out in the rain but its nice to know that if inclement weather strikes while you're out in the car that you are riding on a set of tires that aren't akin to driving on a frozen lake.

Secondly, they handle AMAZING. No more tracking along grooves or uneven pavement surfaces like the BF's did, where you're fighting the wheel to keep the car aligned in a straight forward direction. That was a really annoying problem with the Goodrich tires. These are performance tires and they handle like it. They just offer more, especially to the guy that drives his Mustang GT daily (I don't).

Third, they are quite a bit cheaper than the BF tires. I paid $182 per tire at Tire Discounters (I know, I know...NOT the cheapest place to go) with their add-on $24.99 per tire charge included in that price, so it was just under $800 for a set of four tires.

Fourth, they LAST LONGER than the BF's do. A LOT longer. They are rated as a 500 for tread wear as opposed to the BF's which were (I think) a 300 rating. They also have a AA traction rating and an A temperature rating.

I do realize that this tire is NOT marketed as a "Summer Ultra High Performance Tire" like the BF tire is, and that the higher tread rating is due to a harder compound than the original tires, but I can tell you that I am still looking for the trade-off in handling on dry, warm pavement between the two sets and I am not finding it. If you MUST have an "Ultra" Summer tire, Cooper also makes an RS3-S variant that is similar in nature to the BF tire, but even still gets better marks in almost every regard from what I have seen online.

If you're looking for a good tire to put on your Stang, these are it. Do the research: this is a fairly new line of tires and from everything I have seen online (and now in my own experience) they are an incredible tire for the price.

They also hold a shine really well which is important to me as I like to keep my ride looking SAH-weet.

See for yourself:

Its a GREAT tire and it looks awesome...and performs well and won't break the bank. Anyone else tried these on their Mustang?
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Campo 427R
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These are the tires that Jack Roush uses for his Mustangs. The RS3 with the 200 tread wear rating. The RS3-S and RS3-A are different (newer). The RS3-S is a 220 tread wear rated tire.
Northern Cali weather allows me to run ultra high performance summer tires on the car.
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I just put on a set of Michelin pilot super sports but i will certainly take a look at these next time around
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I to put a set of Cooper's 255 40/19 RS3-A on my Machine. The 500 tread wear rating is great, the AA traction and A temp is great. i think the tread looks awesome, non directional very nice, rated number one in a couple of tests, fairly quiet which is a must. But, made in CHINA.!!!!!! Dang-it, on my Ford. What I had read the 19" were US made ....nope...bummer..very small print on the sidewall. Maybe my friends won't notice.... I sad
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I have about 2500 miles on my Cooper RS3 A's and also love the tire. I am running 255 40 19''s and have really enjoyed the increased handling in cold and rain.
To me this is a very under rated tire and a very good buy for the money.
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Glad to see you guys are having such good luck with these tires. It's very quickly become one of our top sellers and we are quick to recommend it to people looking for an all-season UHP tire. As far as getting some that were made in China, I think that has more to do with Cooper trying to keep up with demand. But even the ones that come out of China are manufactured to the same quality standards as the ones made in their 3 US plants. We have had no issues with any of them so far.
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