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samcrac 07-25-2013 01:42 PM

GT500 Standard Wheel to SVTPP Wheels Question about swapping
I'm putting a new set of wheels on my 2010 GT500; they are the SVTPP wheels/tires off of a 2013 GT500. Someone mentioned that my speedo will now be off. Since I figured it wouldn't be off more than a couple MPH I didn't figure it would be a big deal, until I heard I would be accumulating mileage on my odometer faster than usual. (Front tire/wheel size are identical on both sets, the only difference between the rears are 19" vs 20" wheels; tire size are both 285 35 19/20) I'm wondering if:

Will my odometer actually accumulate mileage quicker because of this?

I've heard an aftermarket tuner will fix this; I want my tune and everything to be kept stock, and I don't think buying one will be worth it just to correct my speedo. I'm wondering if I borrow one of these tuners from someone, or get a used one will it still work, or do they stay paired to one car and one car only?

If you have any other solutions/tips on how to calibrate my speedometer that would be very helpful! Thank you.

stixx2002 07-27-2013 03:51 PM

Hi - you definitely can't borrow a tuner since it is "married" to the original car. I can verify that a tuner will do the trick. I installed 2011 GT500 wheels on my 2007 GT and used the tuner to enter in the correct revs per mile. I don't think I would purchase a tuner simply for that though.

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