This is my 1995 Mustang.
She started life as a 3.8L 5spd with a perfect body and paint.

Life went by and it was time for a better trans and clutch. Had my dealership do it (Suburban Ford, now Future Ford.)

They removed the radiator and chucked it in a parts bin, I went out there and yelled at them and told them they didnt need to remove it to swap T5's and clutchs.

Picked up my car and drove it a couple miles down the road it had lost all the fluid out the hole they put in it and my car died that day, warped the heads and blew both head gaskets due to warping.

They conviently lost all the paperwork of the job except my Visa bill and told me to sue them. Later that month they sold their biz to Future Ford.

So my Mustang has been a project for some years now instead of just putting another V6 in it.

After a couple of months sitting the Crystal white paint bubbled up and started sheeting off in huge sheets. It just goes to show that even my OCD like 2-4 time a month waxing didnt save it from Ford's screw up.

After the paint I just lost interest in the car and worked on other projects. A sad way for this car to go, so she just sits in storage now.

I bought an 03/04 Mach 1 Crate motor and matching trans for it and started buying parts to make a stroker out of it but the engine will probably end up in another one of our projects.