-=No Name=- The wife's Rolling Project

This is "No Name" yes, that is her name :D

No name is a 1996 Mustang V6 with a T5.

My wife was wanting to find her first SN95 (Not First Stang though) and she wanted a project of it.

So we went around to the dealerships that we usually went to and all the Salvage yards around the Sacramento area.

Going down into Roseville we spotted a Green SN95 with no doors, fenders, hood or front bumper sitting on the back lot of a dealership.

We knew right away that was HER project!

We went in to talk to the GSM about the car to find out that it was stolen the night before, driven around back and stripped of the parts.

There was nothing wrong with the car and no wrecks so it has a Clean and Clear title which excited us as a project.

He was going to have the car taken to the insurance impound lot and junk it out for the insurance. Being a V6 it wasn't going to be for much.

We couldn't let this happen to this car so we started talking number. We settled on a great number, $1300 which was good for 2005.

We got the keys, got the insurance and drove the car home without a single body panel.

When we pulled onto our street our neighbor gave us a funny look and my wife just shouted "I GOT MY DOORS BLOWN OFF BY A COBRA!" and he laughed and laughed! ;D

We bought cheap body parts for her to get her legal and started slowly upgrading engine and suspension parts.

We are saving for paint too but that is later in the future. People give us so many bad looks because of the way the car looks but we know the real story.

We saved a Mustang from Certain death and that is all that matters. :D

In March 07' we blew a head gasket on the ol sixxer so I decided to do a splitport swap.

I bought a 2000 splitport 3.8L with very very low miles, it may as well have been new.

I then ported the heads, only lightly porting and port matching on the intake side but I opened the exhaust side all the way up to the exhaust chamber size and formed a very large D shape.

I ported and port matched the upper and lower intake. The lower intake got sure a free flowing port job that the upper intake is the only thing that is the restriction in the induction system now.

I have a MAC CAI but plan on changing the upper intake to a custom system of my own and a much larger intake inlet as this is also a restriction in the induction system.

I used the 96' stock headers in place of the 00' logs. The headers have 2.25" collectors while the 00' logs only have a 2.00" collector. I deburred the headers while I had them off.

For the X-pipe we modified a 94/95 BBK GT X-pipe and followed it up with a set of dumped Borla mufflers. It sounds great! :D

Tuning was taken care of by Justin @ VMP Tuning and a SCT XCal-II.

Front Suspension:

Tokico Illumina Struts
Maximum Motorsports chrome CC plates
97' Cobra Brakes w/ OE Rotors
03/04 Mach 1 hubs, knuckle assy.
03/04 Mach 1 A-Arms w/ Energy Susp offset Poly bushings
steeda bump steer kit
03/04 Mach 1 Power Rack w/ Energy Susp Bushings
1995 Saleen S351 1 3/8" Sway bar w/ Energy Susp Bushings
K-Member Brace OEM
97' Cobra Strut Tower Brace

Rear Suspension:


Not going to put the IRS in any longer so we are looking for a 96-98 Cobra rear end now.

Your usual corner goodies will go in the back with 3.73 gears.

Subframe Connectors in the future.