This is my 69 Fastback that Ive had for 22yrs thats been stored in the old barn until now. I never had a chance to even start on it because of my EX and finally got rid of that problem in our 2005 divorce. :) Good Ridince!!! :) I cant even begin to tell you how much and for how long Ive dreamed of finally getting to build my stang. After getting laid off from the Aerospace field a month ago and having all this time on my hands...... LOL... :).... and being an Aircraft Sheetmetal mech, I didnt think Id have ANY problems getting the rusty part seams drilled out and removed with other panels intact.
After sitting down studing and memorizing the frame structure carts for the last 22yrs, it seems like I already know what to do and how to do it before I even get the that stage and things are coming right apart with no problems. In fact, Im having so much fun with my car where most people would have chewed their finger nails off and crapped their pants 2....maybe 3 times already.
:) LOL!!!! Loving It!!!!! Oh and by the way, this is my first Mustang Forum membership and my first time ever posting and wanted to say hi to everyone.