After patiently debating on whether to go forth with purchasing and installing the Stallion body kit for the Mustang 05-09 I decided that I did like the kit enough to put it on my 2006 Mustang GT despite all of the negative comments I read about the kit on here. A lot of people really bashed the sh!t out of this body kit calling it hideous, scary, ugly, and so on.. I can sort of understand where they are coming from but than again, a lot of women that we see on TV everyday who we call hot or beautiful are too hideous, scary, ugly and so on until they apply their make up and nail polish, hair extensions and high heels, colored contact lenses and push up bra, you get the point lol. Well that's kind of how this kit is, alone it's not much to look at but with the right paint and accessories it can make your Mustang look like no other on the road today. Every since I completed the installation I've received nothing but the most coolest/wow factor comments about the car, most if not all of them coming from people driving exotic type cars, luxury and very expensive cars. Keep in mind all so, I live in Miami, FL where Lambo's are just as commonly seen as Volvo's. I think this kit was a fun project and it has definitely changed the look of my Mustang so to say that the Stallion body kit is hideous,.....I respectfully disagree! :)