Ford Mustang V6 and Mustang GT 1994-2014: How to Plasti-Dip Rims

Paint the rims on your Ford Mustang using a can of Plasti-Dip for brilliant, long-lasting color.

By Charlie Gaston - September 23, 2015

This article applies to the Ford Mustang V6 and Ford Mustang GT (1994-2004).

Plasti-Dip is an internationally-recognized and industry-respected manufacturer of rubber and protective coatings, as well as adhesives. Priced at around $6 to $14 per can, Plasti-Dip makes it easy for you to bring brilliant, long-last color to your Ford Mustang. The flexible coatings last for years and are easy to remove, should you opt to showcase a different color on your vehicle later on. All you have to do is point and spray; however, it's highly recommended that you protect surrounding areas with cardboard boxes or rags beforehand to ensure you don't accidentally spray parts of your car that you don't want painted.

Figure 1. Ford Mustang with Plasti-Dipped rims.

Materials Needed

  • 3-4 cans of Plasti-Dip
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Latex gloves
  • Blue painter's tape
  • Large masking tape
  • Rags
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Glossifier
  • Cardboard boxes (optional)

Step 1 – Clean the wheels

  • Using a high quality wheel cleaner, sponge, and a cleaning brush or rag, scrub all contaminants from the front and rear wheels. It's recommended that you remove all four wheels beforehand to ensure you're able to achieve an optimum clean.
  • Rinse your wheels with a garden hose, and then dry them using a clean rag.
  • Dampen a second clean rag with isopropyl alcohol, and then finish the cleaning process by once again wiping down the surface of each wheel.

Step 2 – Add a flash of color to your calipers (optional)

  • Although optional, it's highly recommended that you paint your calipers some vibrant color, such as red or blue, to add a flash of color to your wheels.
  • Tape off the surrounding area, including the wheel well and rotor. Doing so will guard against unwanted messes as well as prevent paint from landing on unwanted parts.
  • Using a steady, even motion, spray each caliper with Plasti-Dip.
Figure 2. Painting your calipers is optional, but highly recommended.

Pro Tip

It takes Plasti-Dip approximately 30 minutes to one hour to dry, so move around your Ford Mustang painting each caliper until your entire vehicle is done.

Step 3 – Protect the wheels

  • Tape off the area where the metal on your wheels meets your tire; it's recommended that you maintain a 1/4-inch distance from the front edge to ensure you do not remove layers of Plasti-Dip as you peel off the tape later in the process.
  • Protect the valve stem using a small piece of painter's tape.

Pro Tip

You may cover the inside of the wheel with tape; however, it's not necessary as this part is generally not visible to others.

Step 4 – Spray the inside of your wheel and rim

  • Holding your wheel upright, spray your first layer of Plasti-Dip in steady, even strokes.
  • Move section by section until the entire wheel and rim area is evenly painted.
  • Rotate the wheel as needed while you apply each coat of paint.
  • It's recommended that you apply three to five coats of paint on each wheel.
  • Wait approximately one hour between each paint application.
  • Add a glossifier for added shine.
Figure 3. Add multiple coats for an even shine.

Pro Tip

It's recommended that you hold the Plasti-Dip can at least ten inches away from the surface of the wheel.

Step 5 – Mount the wheels

  • After allowing your paint to dry completely, mount the wheels back onto your Ford Mustang.
  • Check that your wheel lug nuts are tight before finishing the job and attempting to operate your vehicle.
Figure 4. Plasti-Dipped wheels.

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