Nine Amazing Cars at the L.A. Auto Show: BMW i8

BMW’s i8 is starting to resemble an actual car, as opposed to the crazy design exercise we’ve seen previously. Whether it’ll still look like a machine ready to preside over the enslavement of humanity when it hits production? That’s anyone’s guess. But we can dream. Next >>

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Nine Amazing Cars at the L.A. Auto Show: 2013 Porsche Cayman

Aside from the 918 Hybrid hypercar, this is the best-looking ride Porsche builds. The hips are gorgeous, and Stutgart’s reputation for building driver’s cars means it will be an absolute joy to take through a set of twisties. The new Cayman made its world debut in L.A. Next >>

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Nine Amazing Cars at the L.A. Auto Show: Acura NSX

Will Honda actually build the NSX? Who knows? But it’s a striking car, and it’d be awesome to see Honda build something that isn’t a totally boring practical-mobile for people who don’t swear, always drink responsibly and try not to splash when they get into the pool. Next >>

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2012 L.A. Auto Show: Nine Amazing Cars

by John Coyle Mustang Forums This was my fourth time attending the L.A. Auto Show, and while I didn’t get as much free food or booze as I did last year, car-wise, it was my favorite. There was some seriously hot hardware there, and this is a list of what I liked best. Please keep […] More »

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Cobra Jet Mustang

Cobra Jet Mustang$86,000 – $96,0000Okay. So this might not qualify as a stocking stuffer, but you can bet that any one who loves Mustangs would love to wake up to the Cobra Jet in their drive way. Considering that it’s totally not street legal, it would make a perfect track toy. Heck, you can even get the […] More »

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