How To Replace your Mustang's Wipers


A good set of Mustang wiper blades and other windshield wiper components is crucial to the continued safety and comfort of your driving experience in the car. When you're driving and the weather turns sour, either due to rain, sleet, snow or some other form of precipitation, you'll need to have sturdy and reliable windshield wipers that can quickly and easily rid the windshield of any debris or water that may have accumulated. A windshield arm that isn't properly attached or that doesn't have a powerful blade will not be nearly as effective as one that can clear off the windshield right away.

Fortunately, there are many different types of windshields that will work well for your Ford Mustang car. Because the windshield wiper is generally not considered to be a major accessory on the car, you can usually avoid spending a huge amount of money on this system if you need to replace it. It's a good idea to check on your windshield wiper blades every 6 months or so.

Step 1 -- Gather Your Materials

The most important thing that you'll need for your windshield wiper replacement process is the new set of wipers themselves. Be sure that they'll fit on your windshield. Check in with a mechanic or an auto body repair shop representative for more advice about which wiper blades you should buy. If you need to replace the entire system, you'll also need to buy additional motor components as well, but this is not typically required.

Step 2 -- Remove the Old Wipers

Gently lift up one of the wiper arms. You'll be able to prop it in place above the windshield to give you more room to see what you're doing. Look for the release button at the base of the windshield. Press it with your finger to activate the release of the wiper blade. You'll then need to slide that blade off of the wiper arm so that you can change it out. There is a side pin located on the back and side of the wiper arm. You may be able to access this by hand, or you might need a screwdriver in order to properly adjust the pin. Release the pin and then carefully slide the arm off of the blade itself. Repeat this entire process for the other wiper arm to remove the blade from that side as well.

Step 3 -- Install the New Wipers

Take a look at the instructions that came with the new wiper blades. You may wish to clean them off first before you install them, and make sure there are no stray pieces of rubber that might influence the way that the blade wipes the windshield. Generally, installing the new blade is the reverse of the process of removing the old one. Slide the new blade onto the arm and fasten the pin in place. Next, clip the arm back into place so that the release button resets itself. Then gently place the wiper arm down onto the windshield and ensure that it fits properly. Repeat the same process of the other arm and blade as well.

Check on your wipers before you plan to drive with them. Spray some water on the hood of the car and use the wipers to be sure that they'll provide a clean swipe. Also make sure that they will not make any sounds as they operate, as this can be aggravating while you're driving.



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