Ford Mustang II History Part 4: Cobra


1977 offered very little along the lines of big changes aside from the addition of a T-Top roofline option, and some new, brighter colors.  The trim lines back for 1977 were the base model, the Ghia, the Mach 1, and the Cobra II, with the same engine offerings as 1976, although the 5.0L Mustangs received a decline in horsepower, to 134.  Nothing changed about the base model or Ghia (other than the aforementioned T-tops), but the Mach 1 received the addition of the Cobra II chin spoiler, a more linear grille, and four-way adjustable seats, giving the one time performance trim line a more luxury feel.  The marketing campaign for the 1977 Mustang II keyed on the T-top option, since convertibles were still being scrutinized by the US Department of Transportation Safety Board.  Even with the addition of the T-tops, sales took another hit, dropping by roughly 20%.

1978 was another slow year for changes and the last year of the Mustang II.  All changes made to the 1978 models were cosmetic; Ford intended to make the Mustang II more appealing to female buyers.  There was a "fashion accessory package" that included special cloth inserts on the seats, titled Fresno Cloth, illuminated mirrors mounted in the back of the driver's side sun visor, map pockets in the door panels, and exterior striping.  The only change seen in all of the 1978 Mustang II's was the rear seat going from one piece to two, giving it a more firm, "2+2" feel (another popular import feature), especially to rear-riding passengers.

There were no changes made to the engine offerings, but there was the addition of seven new colors.  The Cobra II received a change to its appearance, with the dual stripes on the hood replaced with one thick stripe, and the stripe running along the bottom of the car was shifted upwards to the middle of the car, with large COBRA font running across the doors.

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