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How Cool is this Ford Mustang SVO?

1986-Ford-Mustang-SVO Featured

Before the EcoBoost Mustang, before the new Ford GT with its turbocharged thump, there was the Ford Mustang SVO. And there is possibly no better example of such fine machinery than this one, which has to be the best-preserved one on the planet.

Throwback Thursday: ’84 Mustang SVO

  – By Detroit Steel   Classic, in every sense of the word and a reminder that the new 2015 Mustang with the EcoBoost engine really isn’t as groundbreaking as a lot of people think.   Sure, the new four-cylinder S550 is well deserving of all the attention it’s getting. However, let’s not forget the ’84 […] More »

New Ford Performance Division to be Called 999?

  –by Jonathon Klein   Over the past few years, Ford has operated its performance division here in the US under the SVT nameplate. But over the course of the last decade, those performance-driven models have either dropped a letter or two, or completely replaced the entire name, such as with the Shelbys. Now, though, […] More »

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