Lamborghini Gallardo Crashes Into GT500, GT500 Almost Cares


by John Coyle
Mustang Forums

This crash happened during the Formula GT500 Copa–that’s Formula GT500 Cup– in Columbia, and demonstrates that even with AWD and a slew of electronic nannies, high-powered exotics can be a handful. Just ask this Lamborghini driver, who stomped on the gas only to have the Raging Bull go sideways and collide with a GT500. Oops.
So obviously, the race was over for the Gallardo. But even though it got knocked up a curb and suffered some superficial damage to the body kit, the GT500 simply lifts for a second and continues. That’s a Mustang for you–as complicated as a hammer and  twice as hard to break. The first video shows the crash, and the second shows it from the GT500’s perspective. Enjoy. 

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