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Where the 2011 5.0 ranks in the history of mustangs??

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If Ford brings out a 05-09 with engine upgrades to the 5.0, it will be the best Mustang ever....
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Well I am going to be the first to admit that when the 2010 came out I was NOT a fan of the rear. It just looked wrong to me. However, the profile and front end I think far exceed the styling of my '06. Add to that the upgraded interior which I think greatly improves upon the '05-'09 style. I am starting to forget how ugly I find the rear end to be. Now that the '11 has come out with the 302. What rear end? It certainly captures everything I love about mustang over the generations. The first generation is hard to beat though. So I doubt it will ever be the best in history.
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Originally Posted by RideMyAssOff View Post
If Ford brings out a 05-09 with engine upgrades to the 5.0, it will be the best Mustang ever....

But I will admit like the last poster, the engine upgrade outweighs the dislike I personally have for the back-end redesign.

If anyone´s willing for fork over the $35k for me I´ll gladly keep/buy one for 30 years to find out for ya if it´ll stand the test of time.
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I kinda like mine or any 60's fastback
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I think the 2014 redesign will be the one to have. If they use a direct injected 5.0 and make the car a little smaller (and weigh less) it would be perfect IMO.
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With 400 plus HP, it really doesn't matter now does it? Lol
Styling wise, not as big a winner as when the 05s came out. Imo, its power is its best feature. I would certainly own one but don't need it with what I already have. Ill keep my blown 06.
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I have owned 6 or 7 various year mustangs. Starting with a 92 notchback 5.0. A few 99-03. A 2003 terminator. 2004 40th anniversary convertible. I currently own a 91 GT convertible and a 2011 GT. I have had the new GT for about 4 mos. I really like the Foxes, but the more I drive the new one; the more it grows on me. The only other car that I have owned that is/ was comparable would be the cobra. It was pretty quick, although I think the new one would run neck to neck with it. I think the old school ones -60's will always be king, after all they are the ones that started it all. New GT won't replace the old ones, just outrun them in stock to stock form. Won't touch them on styling though!
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Originally Posted by 06mach1 View Post
I would think the 5.0 has got to be a blast to drive compared to my 4.6. I have not been a big fan of the change in body style though compared to S197. I have a real hard time liking the rear of the vehicle. My veiw is going to have to change soon though as I have a 2012 ordered.

I've seen this before, and I'm curious. Why would you spend $30K+ on a car that you dont like the looks of? I seriously want to understand the logic. I've read other members here that say the same thing. Makes no sense, IMO.

As to the original post and question, I've owned 6 Mustangs and while I dont own a 2011, my 2010 is the quickest (stock for stock) I've owned. (my '89 was faster, but it was heavily modded) Not to mention nicest driving, handling, most comfortable, and best made.

I think Ford hit a home run with the 2010+. Cant wait to see what they do in 2014.

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Originally Posted by Blacksmoke View Post
It has an great build that's for sure.
Where it ranks? Time will tell.

I'm one of those guys though that think the new body style will not rank
very high though as far as looks. (Not that I don't think it looks good)
I think the first gen S197's 2005-2009 capture the retro look much better and
just plain look better.

That is my opinion though but it seems that MANY agree with that statement.

So far though the new 5.0 has been the **** though when it comes
to performance reviews. We will see though as time goes on.
I couldn't have said it better
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