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Originally Posted by mrtstang View Post
I have the SSS exhaust. They have 2 versions: The Adrenaline (street) mufflers, and the Terminator (race) mufflers. I started with the Adrenaline mufflers, and then went to the Terminator.

The Terminator race mufflers are VERY loud and agressive (even at idle), but with a nice deep tone. The Adrenaline is a tad deeper in sound, but not nearly as loud.

You can't beat this system for the price! All 304 stainless (even the hangers) and a very distinctive and awesome sound.
I just added the SSS Adrenaline and I have to say that I love them! Its the first modification I have done to this pony so everything else is stock. If you want a nice sounding system go with these! They are totally stainless and look and sound like the borla stingers. I did take some before and after vids that I will post shortly. They sound awesome. I got them in 2 days for 284.00 from stangmods, so next is a CAI system any ideas where I can get a good one at a low price that come with the tuner?

Heres the STOCK: (sorry 'bout the finger in the cam lol)

Heres with SSS Adrenaline axle back mufflers:

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