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Default Need noob assistance lifting front end

Ok so I have a jack that won't reach the front part of the frame that most people use to jack their car up. The part circled in red in this picture.

Click the image to open in full size.

I don't know the terminology so if you guys could chime in I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, I read that the pinch welds (where you'd place the scissor jack to change a flat) shouldn't be used to raise the car more than is necessary to lift the tire off the ground. I need it to be high enough off the ground to get a jack stand under at the second location on the frame, the part circled in green. Can I use the pinch weld to lift the car sufficiently to get the jack stand at the green location? Is the pinch weld a strong location like the other circled locations?

I spent an hour reading up on this so please only suggestions and no comments on me being a noob, taking it to a professional, buying equipment to make it easier etc.

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