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Originally Posted by Duncan_GT View Post
I thought you would have been in the low 14's/high 13's with that setup. First thing I noticed in that list was the gearing like everyone has said. Has the car been tuned? What's the car weigh? The heads are definitely killing potential.

As a side note, that's a clean looking car.
I was hoping for 14s because of the altitude for sure, but not having a hard time doing 15s!

Yes gearing is 3.27 I was told, so that hurts for sure but is fantastic on the highway.

I do not know if the car has been tuned or not. I would assume so.

Car weighs 3538 with my big butt in it.

Yeah, new heads would be nice to help her breathe.

And thank you! I just bought her on Thursday and I am very happy so far.
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