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Originally Posted by Matt's 95 Stang View Post
Does look good. Really like the CF on the steering wheel.

thanks, this was actually the easiest part to do and the less vinyl-consuming one

Originally Posted by magnido45 View Post
How's the quality of the Grant Steering Wheel? From the reviews I've read, it's hit or miss w/ the leather and craftsmanship.
yes, I got a good deal on ebay so that's mainly the reason I bought it (there's actually one at 49$ on auction atm). I really love the steering wheel feel and look.
The leather feels good, I can understand the mixed reviews about the craftmanship however.

Indeed, the ford part is a basic few pieces of leather wrapper between each spokes.
The grant has much more pieces to add ornaments, and I think this is where it can feel like a cheap replica. It's hard to say at these junctions if the two pieces of leather has been sawed from the inside and are not visible, or if they have been glued together.
I myself can't tell this from the wheel out of the box. I think it's usual wear that will tell it: I don't expect a glued junction to last more than a few weeks.

So if you don't hear back from me after a month, consider that the all leather pieces are sawed , or in other words the wheel is made to last.

I can tell you one thing though, the feel is very different. When I came back home after a couple days to put the old wheel back in the box, unless the grant falls apart I will never change the wheel back to factory. Seeing this big round shiny leather circle makes it looks like a bus driver's steering wheel compared to the Grant.
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