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With street pads, you can go pretty hard on the brake pedal without tripping the ABS if you sort of squeeze into them rather than stomp on the pedal like you're trying to put out a small fire. Track pads that have greater initial bite require a more sensitive foot, because you get a lot more braking response from the same levels of pedal pressure that you'd be used to with street pads. The difference between Hawk's HPS and HP+ pads just on the front brakes (HPS on the rears in both cases) is huge.

FWIW, "sway bars", stabilizer bars, anti-roll bars, and "sta-bars" all refer to the same parts (as far as "common slang" goes, anyway). The industry term is "stabilizer bars", frequently shortened to "sta-bars".

"Anti-roll bar" has started to pick up an association to those really stiff rear sta-bars intended only for drag racing.

Strictly speaking, a sway bar is something that has more to do with trailer towing, but the term has been creeping into its current common usage courtesy of magazine writers and advertising literature.

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