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Default Screw it, let's blow some money.

Hello again gents,

So I recently sold some hardware that goes bang and the money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Currently I have a set of projects I'm working on. I need to install my gears and bushings installed at some point, but I'm waiting on a garage. Should be signing a lease tomorrow with one so that'll be nice.

Anyways, I already have plans to do a GT500 Supercharger conversion, and I've set that $$$ apart already. Really I'm trying to figure out what to get that would complement that well.

My thing is I don't like spending money on things twice, or on things that aren't terribly worthwhile. That said, I love buying brand name, top of the line components. Do it right the first time.

So what're some suggestions?

I've talked to the guys at Griggs racing and they said they're lowest cost kit would be like 4k. A couple grand more than I want to spend right now. They told me I could build the kit piece mail, but that it would be more expensive. Again, I hate spending more money than I need to.

Other option is a full exhaust. I've done some research and the two brands I really like are Borla and Stainless Works. I'd be getting them Ceramic coated before I installed them as well. Either of these systems would be pushing my budget.

Other options include:

Visual upgrades. Not a huge fan of these at this stage. I like the sleeper look of the Bullitt.

Getting started on my sound system. Might be worthwhile, but I'm waiting off on this one until I complete my supercharger system as it relocates the alternator. Gotta know what I can do before I start spending money.

More power upgrades. I'm pretty limited on this one, and honestly they don't make a whole lot of sense. With this Supercharger Conversion, I'll be making about 450 crank HP, and that's about as much as I want to make before I break into the block, so any power adders I do mean I turn down the boost. Not necessarily bad, but not quite as worthwhile. I wouldn't get the full value of the mods until I rebuild the motor. The reason I'm considering exhaust is that I would love a more aggressive sound, and doing a supercharger I think it might be a good idea. Opinions?

Any other ideas?
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