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Originally Posted by Dubstep Shep View Post
Well the deal with suspension is I could save a few hundred dollars minimum by ordering it all at once. I hate spending money I don't need to.

Also, quality components are a must. There is a sign in a gun store i frequent: "The novelty of low price wears off long before the satisfaction of a quality product." Idk what you were thinking as far as suspension, but at some point I intend on doing a SLA setup, likely through Griggs
You could also save a few hundred dollars by buying it piece by piece when parts are on sale.

No argument that quality components are a must, I'm just saying that you shouldn't discount other brands just because they're not Griggs or a package set. I'm riding on Koni shocks and struts, H&R springs, Fays2 watts link, and a couple other smalls bits that are all quality components that cost me half of that Griggs setup. The car handles well past my ability as a driver.

If you do decide to go the suspension route, I recommend you sit down and decide what you NEED. What is it about the car that needs to be improved? Do you need better traction? Is there too much body roll? Stuff like that. After you've decided that you build your suspension list based on that with quality parts. Then you wait until they go on sale!
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