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I would get a good cold air intake (Steeda, BBK etc) and a nice 91 octane race tune. Not only will that improve power it will improve gas milage so as long as you keep your foot out of it. But then again thats not why most people buy a Mustang now is it.

Not sure if the 2014's come with a shock tower brace I would assume they do. But a nice aftermarket one really will help in reduced body flex. Whiteline makes a great one and it looks sexy too.

Like other have suggest lowering really helps with the appearance of these cars. The stock stance kind of has this 4x4 sedan look going on. Keep in mind with lowering you will have to have the camber checked so it would be a good idea to get some camber bolts and you also might need a new panhard bar for the rear to recenter the rear wheels. Shocks and struts would be on the list after lowering also as the stock ones will not hold up long.

Lower also really helps a lot with the cars handling.
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