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Default What swayed you & Which Exhaust Choice Did Ya Make for the 3.7 L'il Animal

So far I've got it narrowed down the Magnaflow Street & FRPP Sport exhausts.

These 3.7's are strong little monkeys.

This video took me by storm, it's a gotta watch !

100+ MPH at 6:15, 6:55, and 9:00. That's where I open the car up and you can hear the exhaust really good! At 9:00 I start in second gear and chirp the tires going into 3rd. Damn good for a V6! I tell you the points of where I open the car up because a lot of the video is at cruising speeds and some might get bored. I wanted to get a wide range of speeds and RPM's to show the entire spectrum of sounds from the cabin. This video is shot entirely in the cab of the car.

The Exhaust is the MagnaFlow 15596 Muffler delete axle back straight pipes. Its is a deep throaty sound and I love these exhausts. I will post a video of outside the car later and than I will combine an outside shot with a cut version of the cab sound. More to come!
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This a good short clip of Magnaflow Street

************************************************** *****

FRPP has good sound also;

I've listened to dozens of other video's , these are just a few of my favorites.
Also I won't be going with a CAI, i'm not a racer & Ford Racing Tech's say the stock cold air box was engineered for performance & is also used on GT's, they also say that K&N replacement filter Flows 22% better, so i'll be doing that 1 real soon.
I've been switching over to K&N oil & Air filters on my Ram 1500 & Husqy YTH24K48 Mower anyway. Also going to use Pennzoil Platinum Syn oil !

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