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Question Some questions about my car

My car is 100% bone stock, other than the front fascia/grille from the GT coupe, since my car had the pony package the lights in the grille do work (and they look pretty damn slick IMHO). Here are my questions, bear with me.

Cold Air Induction, my air box is the stock ugly black box with the tube that connects it to the intake manifold, any suggestions that are relatively affordable to upgrade this, or would I be fine with swapping the air filter for a K&N?

Rear end, do I have a split rear end where one wheel goes forward, and the other will go backwards (depending on if it is in Drive or Reverse) or do both go in the same direction at the same time?

Exhaust, I have the stock 2 pipes that go into 1 pipe with a single muffler/exhaust tip. I plan on swapping out for a more dual setup, I know a dual exhaust will not make my car sound like a V8, I just want something that will make it sound less 'wussy' .

Front plate, sadly I live in NY that is a 2 plate state, my car is from PA which was a 1 plate state and the car does not have the front plate bracket (thank god), I have been trying to find a aftermarket mount that will let me attach a plate to the bumper without drilling holes (as stated I have the GT front bumper not the standard V6 one).

Please note, I am not making this car into a racer, this my daily driver that I just want to add some minor external and mechanical mods to it, so any info would be MOST helpful.
My Mustang: 2007 V6 coupe
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