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Default Exhaust Choices?


We have a 94 that has glass packs on it now but other than that it is stock to my knowledge, my wife loves the way it sounds at idle and while driving but the passenger side is going bad and I was told by a friend that given it has been made into true duals that the exhaust being that open is bad for the engine. Were going to be modding this car quite a bit in the future so I was wondering if anyone could suggest an exhaust setup that would get that throaty base sound she likes while also being better for the engine's performance. Heres what I had in mind, let me know if I should change anything. I was thinking about removing 2 of the 4 cats but I was told again by the same friend this would be bad for the car but given this same friend has steered us wrong several times now I figured id ask the experts on here. Heres what I had in mind, if anyone knows of a brand let me know but I was looking at a long tube set Id read about online that was the 'optimum length' according to the page I was on. We were also told by this same friend if we did LTs the check engine would come on but given I found them with EGR I was doubtfull of this.

Long Tubes with EGR, High Flow Cats, Flow masters?
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