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This is an short history of the car.

The original owner drove the car for about a year before scuffing the paint on the hood while it looks like he was buffing the car out. He put it on blocks with about 4,777 miles on it. He sold it it in 1977 to a friend who drove it for around a year. The car was then again sold in 1978 with 4,978 miles on it The new owner puts in his garage in storage. The car is then purchased by Steve Davis and is sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in 1987 to the Patrick Ryan who owns the Prisma Collection and it is shown among the different Mustangs he owns. The car is driven every 90 days and kept in a temperature and humidity controlled storage area for the next 24 years. At this time only the battery is replaced. In 2011 the car is sold again at the Barrett-Jackson auction with 5200 miles on. From what I was told the new owners friends told him he shouldn't drive the car so it sat in his garage for 2 years where I just purchased it from a car dealer hired to sell the car. The miles when I purchased the car was 5,412. Personally I plan on driving the car to local shows for people to see. The car is pretty much factory / show room perfect. You can eat off the engine and there is no rust on the underside anywhere. I hope to be the last owner of the car and then pass it down to one of my kids.

Couple of things on the car.

Ford factory Kelsey Hayes wire wheels
Raven Black / black enterior
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