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I don't have a problem with my gear wrenches. Except when you grid lock yourself on a bolt and have to cut it. Those go all the way to 1-1/4"?

I will say the head is a little on the fat side. Kobalt offsets with the selection switch fit a little better in tight places. Also more expensive...not snap on pricing though.

Welcome Heather! Sounds like you've got most of the basics covered. I wouldn't bother with the shorty headers, mostly because all you can get is BBK brand and they'll have some fitment headaches. Though if you're paying someone else to do it its not your problem.

You can also get some caliper paint for a lot cheaper than covers. YOu just need your basic brake changing tools and some masking material. Don't forget some suspension mods!
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Originally Posted by CPTCO View Post
New tool day! I'm not a tool hound, just have what I need (which I'm sure is way more than most guys), but I've been wanting some ratchet wrenches. I don't buy Snap-On or MAC tools, because those darn things don't grow when planted. Ordered up a set of Gearwrench brand ratchet wrenches both metric and standard. All the way up to 1'1/4". Plus some screwdrivers. Next I need to add some impact sockets, but most of the time a regular socket will suffice.
I have Gearwrench and have been pleased with them. But I don't put them to the test the way some of you do. I have some Harbor Freight stuff that isn't bad, especially when you factor in the cost.

Originally Posted by heatherxangela View Post
Hi everyone! I'm from Guam and I'm new to this forum. I purchased a '16 3.7 fastback race red automatic mustang. My first ever mod I put in is a JLT CAI. I just ordered hooker blackheart axleback exhaust w/o mufflers & I am so stoked! I want to get some mid pipes later down the road since it's not a cat back, and for sure I need an SCT tuner for better performance. My car is definitely not a v8, but should I add in some shorty headers too? Also, I do want to lower my car, unsure which brand I should get and how low I want it. I'm just so excited working on this project! Cosmetically, I want to add a Rear Carbon Fiber spoiler, carbon fiber mirrors covers, quarter window louvers Carbon Fiber, yellow caliper covers, and black fuel door. Overall, I'm super excited and can't wait to have fun with my pony!

Greetings Heather, love the car. Keep us updated on your progress.
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The go to at least 1 1/2 inch. I didn't know that either until I was shopping. I just don't use that one much, so I quit at inch and a quarter.

Edit: After wrenching my whole life, not every day, but most days at least a little, sometimes for 10-12 hours at a time. Working on tractors, trucks, all manner of material handling equipment, pick ups, cars, motorcycles, and everything else under the sun. How can someone justify Snap-On tools? A 71 piece set costs over $3000. And I'm not trying to pick on those guys. I am genuinely curious. I don't point fingers, if that's what a guy wants to buy, more power to him. I just don't get it. Kid that works for me says his brother has like $20k in tools. He's 22 years old. Friend of mine traded for a toolbox (snapon), the guy claimed to have over $80k in it.

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Been trying my hand at Zinc Plating.. These are parts for the carb linkage. First picture is of some that have not been plated..second pic is of my plating tank.

And..the before and after pics...

And speaking of tools and tool boxes... Picked this up for under 500 at Harbor Freight. Roller drawers and drawer liners included..

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