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ezstang 02-27-2012 04:59 PM

07 Manual Driver Seat
Hi Guys-

I have a 66' so I usually cruze around over there. However I just recently picked up 07' front and back seats. I have removed the driver power and manual pass. seat brackets (They are for sale). Im in the process of putting on the 66' brackets and installing them. Since I can't use the power driver seat (due to seat riser mod.) I removed all the power but I want to remove the button on the side of the seat.

My question:

In 07' did they make a manual driver seat if so will someone take a picture of their plastic trim at bottom to verify no buttons?

Sorry may be a basic question but I am totally unfamilar with Mustangs after 92'

Thanks all in advance

obxdude018 02-27-2012 05:28 PM

To be honest I don't think they did, I believe power was standard on the driver seat and some passengers were manual.

2005Redfire6 02-27-2012 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by obxdude018 (Post 7856192)
To be honest I don't think they did, I believe power was standard on the driver seat and some passengers were manual.

+1 I haven't heard or don't know of any 2005+ that have a manual driver seat, now my passenger one is manual and most of all I know have a manual passenger seat.

ezstang 02-27-2012 06:03 PM

Will 05' seat trim work....remember cosmetic not for function. I know 05' had manual both on some scaled down models...are the seat the same 05' vs 07'

obxdude018 02-27-2012 06:33 PM

It's the same seats and brackets between the years, but I don't think ford produced a manual driver's seat for the s197

ezstang 02-27-2012 07:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Is this proof?

obxdude018 02-27-2012 07:18 PM

No it's not proof, like redfire said I haven't heard of or seen any with a manual seat, if there is a manual seat, I would say they are quite rare.

ezstang 02-27-2012 07:25 PM

Hmmm well guy in 66' forum has this set installed in his car recently. I was hoping to see more pictures. I called FORD dealership today but guy was filling in when he told me he found one for $75 It will still end up being manual cause of 66' seat tracks but really wanted to delete non-useable buttons.


You dont think those are 05-07?

obxdude018 02-27-2012 07:54 PM

Not saying those aren't, of the clubs and car shows and racing events I have been at I haven't seen one so its a first for me.

ezstang 02-27-2012 08:05 PM

Well If anyone else can chime in that would be nice. I actually thought I was asking a simple question.

conor1148 02-28-2012 12:32 PM

My 2007 has manual seats, I'm going to go take pictures now.

conor1148 02-28-2012 12:46 PM

Hope this helps!
don't mind the dirty seats/carpet :p

but hey, if the driver side manual rack is so rare, I'll gladly trade for the power rack! hahahah

edit- i know the little strap has popped off, that's intentional so I can lean my seat back farther :p

ezstang 02-28-2012 01:20 PM

Can I ask what the thing is in the front is that a lever of just a design in the plastic. Looks like 2 levers the one in the back my power and manual have but not that in the front

conor1148 02-28-2012 01:27 PM

Ill go back out and take more pictures for you. I'll try to see if i can get my nicer camera going.

ezstang 02-28-2012 01:31 PM

Conor thanks for the help-

Notice on the picture I posted earlier in the thread his manual seat has only one lever then what looks to be a cap where yours has a possible lever. If this is a lever what does it do?

conor1148 02-28-2012 01:57 PM

that lever adjusts the height of the seat, and also pushing you a little forward as you go up or pushes you back if you lower it. As you can see my seat is angled back and very high because I have to raise my seat pretty high due to my height. (5'7)

I've never looked under my seat with a light like this, I gotta do something about the oxidation...

and if for whatever reason you may need the back, heres that too.

ezstang 02-28-2012 02:02 PM

Excellent thank you so much!

conor1148 02-28-2012 02:08 PM

not a problem!

What are you wanting for that power bracket?

ezstang 02-28-2012 02:12 PM

PM and offer. Its kinda heavy not sure where you located. Also wanna research you dont need anything hiding in the seat its self.

Boss 246 03-01-2012 04:51 PM

My 2010 has manual adjustable driver's seat, too. Passenger side does not adjust for height, but driver's side does. All manual adjustments.

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