2,000-HP Fox Body Street Car Hits 190 MPH in Quarter

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If big Chevy power in a Fox Mustang is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

When you combine big displacement with a big turbo you get huge power, even if you put it in a Fox Mustang with full street equipment. The interior is intact, the windows are real glass, the lights all work, and the driver even claims to strap car seats in it on occasion to take his kids for a ride.

Wyoming Performance Fox Body Drag Street Mustang

The folks at Wyoming Performance cooked up this combination of a built 540 cubic inch Chevy big block motor, fed 18 pounds of boost from a 118 mm turbo, that reportedly adds up to about 2,000 horsepower at the rear wheels. A two speed Chevy Powerglide automatic transmission has been extensively modified to handle the insane power this car can put down through the big drag radials.

This is the look of a happy man who just broke 190 mph in the quarter (at 8.27 seconds), easily won the whole Street Car Takeover Denver event, and didn’t even think it was a good run. He may actually be right, because if it is actually putting out 2000 horses at the wheels, and a notchback Fox Body weighs about 3200 lbs, according to a simple 1/4 mile ET calculator, it may have a 200-mph trap speed in it.


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Though he may be wrong, because if you watch this car launch it is all motor and the turbo isn’t even full spooled up until about a third of the way down the track. Whether that tuning is intentional or not, it likely keeps the Powerglide happy while in first gear (and limits wheel spin on launch), then put all the serious power through second.

It was already plenty fast to blow the hood off on the first run of the day though, which was less than 140 mph.

Haters are going to say, “that’s not really a street car!” and no, this is not a car your mom is going to take to Costco. But for the purposes of this competition in Denver, all the cars were street legal, and they all made a 40-minute cruise in the morning before competition started. Fully street legal, on DOT drag radials, this Mustang had no problems with the streets and hills of Denver.

We look forward to seeing just how fast it can ultimately go when it has a “good” run.

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