Mustang Drift Battle: The First Ever! (Video)

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Lone Star Drift featured a Mustang-only drift battle at their recent event, and this helmet camera view is awesome.

Lone Star Drift runs a drifting series in, as the name suggests, Texas. During round five they held their first Mustang-only drift battle. They managed to pull in around 12 Mustang drift cars from across the nation to go up against one another. Some people even made a 40-hour round-trip to compete at the event.

Mustang Drift Battle In-Car Image

The car we are riding in for this video is an older S-197 Mustang, and gives us a great idea of how suited to drifting Mustangs are. The only modifications to the car are to the suspension. The factory drivelines are proving to be strong enough for drifting, and so is the torque from the stock V8. The owner claims this car is still running the factory air filter box.

This could actually be the first Mustang only drifting competition. We don’t recall one before, and some light Googling brings no previous results. Whether it actually is  or not though, we raise a glass to Lone Star drift, and hope that the event becomes a regular fixture. Or even a full on Mustang drift series. We suggest calling it the “MustDrift” Series.


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Mustang Drift Battle In-Car Image

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