2009 Ford Mustang GT – European Perspective

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American “muscle” like the 2009 Ford Mustang GT is all the rage in
Europe. Bizarre as that may sound, there is a real thirst for Americana
among Europeans. Cars feature heavily on the list of US exports that
are in high demand. More than any other American car, the Ford Mustang
is a big hitter across the Atlantic Ocean.2009 blue mustang gt cdc.jpg

The Ford Mustang is popular because it looks American and it sounds
American – with its grunt and growl. A 4.6-liter engine developing 300
bhp is enough to send the growing petrol-head community crazy and make
them beat a path to the doors of their nearest Ford dealership to buy
one. The fact that it’s a spacious coupe, with 42 inches of leg room
and plenty of boot space, only helps matters.

Take into account another popular new model, the new 2009 Nissan 370Z. The
370Z develops more power, but the Mustang boasts versatility. The 370Z
seats two and the Mustang offers seating for four adults, making it a
perfect car for anyone who wants to show off their new muscle car to
more than one friend at a time.

Any European (or international) members have thoughts on the popularity
of American muscle cars overseas? Do you actually see this occurring,
or is it a small phenomenon? Do you think the overseas interest in
American cars similar to or different from the feeling we have for

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