2010 Mustang Prices!!

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2010 mustang prices.jpgThe good people at Motor Trend have broadcast Ford’s pricing for the 2010 Ford Mustang, including packages and options.  Not surprisingly, Ford has priced the Mustang lower than the Camaro and Challenger across comparable trimlines.

The base model Mustang coupe rings in at just $20,995, and this 210 horsepower V6 comes with a standard manual transmission, unlike the slightly more powerful Dodge Challenger SE that starts at $22,545.  The V6 Camaro is the most powerful of the 3, with 300 horsepower, and it is also the most expensive of the three, at $22,995.  The base model Mustang is the only one of the three muscle cars offering a convertible right now, so its price of $25,995 has no comparison from GM or Dodge.

The Mustang GT begins at just $27,995, making it the bargain buy of the
group compared to the Camaro at $30,995 and the Challenger at $30,545. 
However, the Mustang GT, with 315 horsepower and a 5-speed manual
transmission, lacks significantly in power compared to the Camaro SS
with 422hp and the Challenger R/T with 372 horsepower. (both the Camaro
and Challenger also come with 6-speed manual transmissions).

While some people were hoping for more power from the 2010 Mustang GT,
Ford Motor Company has eluded to more news about the Mustang, and a
popular rumor is that there will be a new mid-level trimline between
the Mustang GT and the GT500, perhaps something along the lines of a
new Mach 1 or Boss Mustang.  However, for now the 2010 Ford Mustang
base and GT are the bargain buys of the Big 3 Pony cars.


Will this lower price allow the Mustang to compete with the
more powerful Camaro and Challenger? Talk about it here!!

Here are the full price and option lists for the 2010 Ford
Mustang and Mustang GT.

2010 mustang price 1.jpg
2010 mustang price 2.jpg

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