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The 2011 Mustang GT gets 412 horsepower!

11MustangV6_12.jpgSince Ford failed to give us any details at the LA Auto Show about the 2011 Ford Mustang,
the internet has continued to buzz about what kind of power we could
see in the 2011 GT.  We were all expecting the 5.0 “Coyote” V8 and the Mustang community was hoping and praying for at least 400hp to help the Mustang keep up with the 2010 Camaro SS.  According to the Inside Line and Autoblog,
a Ford employee privy to information on the new 5.0 Mustang GT blabbed
to some buddies on Facebook that the 2011 Mustang GT would offer an
impressive 412 horsepower although there is still no official word from

Typically, I am a skeptic of these “information leaks”.  In
this job market, is a Ford Motor Company employee (with enough
involvement to know that much about the new 5.0) stupid enough to risk
his or her job to tell friends about the new engine?  I have not seen
the Facebook posts in question but based on the expected announcement
of the engine and power combined with the interest around this “news”,
I am inclined to believe that this could be the real deal. 

Do I
think that it is more of a coy play of the media by Ford?  Absolutely,
but I do hope that last night’s big news proves to be true as this will
certainly up the ante in the current horsepower war.  The 2011 Mustang
GT offering 412 horsepower is still a little lower than the Camaro and
Challenger but provided that the price of the Mustang GT doesn’t jump
up, it will have an advantage over both cross-town rivals.  Also, the
current Mustang is lighter than the other two Detroit muscle cars, so
412hp should be enough to even out the race with the 425hp Challenger
and 426hp Camaro.

Detroit Auto Show is less than a month away now and I expect that to be
the absolute latest that Ford will give us official information but are
they really going to make us wait that long?  Stay tuned to the Detroit Autos Examiner for all of your breaking Mustang and industry news!

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