American Muscle Recreates Iconic Mustangs from 2015 Model

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If classic Mustangs are your thing, but you find yourself getting sucked into the design of the new 2015 model, don’t worry, American Muscle has a hell of a remedy.

In fact, the guys over at Ford Motor Co. might want to take notes as they hammer out ideas for some future variations of the S550.

American Muscle, one of the go-to aftermarket authorities on the Ford pony car, has a few tips on how to add a bit more nostalgia to the new Mustang reminiscent of some of the most iconic models to hit the street.

Talk About Your Favorite Parts Package on the Forum

What makes the models unique are special parts like the custom hoods, special headlights, and a number of other different upgrades. Although many of the parts that could be used to give the S550 a more classic appeal aren’t available yet, American Muscle has recreated the Bullitt, Iacocca and Eleanor as concepts for the 2015 model to highlight the possibilities.

Now the company is asking you to vote for your best 2015 parts package among the three by clicking here and casting your vote with either #2015bullitt, #2015iacocca or #2015eleanor.

Let us know how you’re voting, or how you voted in the poll below.

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