Author: Cameron Vanderhorst

Motorweek Retro Review: 1994 Mustang SVT Cobra

MotorWeek Review 1994 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Take a trip back in time with another Mustang retro review from MotorWeek!

  Comments | By - July 27, 2017

You’ll Love This Kids Show Footage Of How SN-95 Mustangs Were Made

This parrot puppet is fascinated by the construction of an SN-95 Mustang.

We love factory footage of cars. We especially love it when it’s of sweet, sweet ’90s Mustangs rolling off the assembly line.

  Comments | By - July 26, 2017

New Old Stock Boss 429 Plug Wires: $5,750?!

New Old Stock spark plug wires on eBay, just $5,750!

These eBay-listed NOS bits might be the most expensive spark plug wires in the world.

  Comments | By - July 21, 2017

American Muscle Builds Roush-Supercharged 2014 Mustang GT

American Muscle's Roush-Supercharged 2014 Mustang GT

Justin from American Muscle gives his 2014 Mustang GT a heaping dose of power with a side of extra traction.

  Comments | By - July 18, 2017

JDM Export 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

Mustang returns home after some time in the Land of the Rising Sun.

  Comments | By - June 26, 2017

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