Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

Beefy 1965 Mustang Restomod Proves Fastbacks Aren’t Everything

With all of the major mechanical and cosmetic concerns secured, this Craigslist Mustang is a great start for a project car.

  Comments | By - October 15, 2018

Mach 1 Mustang Saved from Horsepower Limbo via Modern Tech

Dyno testing reveals large power loss with this classic pony. Thankfully, ceramic coating & an electronic distributor save the day.

  Comments | By - October 12, 2018

Boss 351 for Sale in Australia Proves Mustang Love is Worldwide

Australian-transplant 1971 Boss has the 330 HP R-code Cleveland 351 motor, the most powerful version of that model year.

  Comments | By - September 26, 2018

Mustang 5.0 Reunited with Family After 17 Years

After sacrificing his beloved pony to save his wife’s life, Wesley Ryan’s family returned the favor and tracked down the classic car.

  Comments | By - September 21, 2018

1968 Ford Mustang ‘Shelanor’ Fastback Offers Best of Both Worlds

While some may raise an eyebrow, this hybrid fastback Mustang is strikingly beautiful as a daily driver.

  Comments | By - September 18, 2018

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