Author: Patrick Morgan

Supercharged Mustang Shows Porsche 911 Who’s the Boss

Porsche 911

It might not be a fair fight, especially with a 250-HP advantage, but it’s fun to see this GT pull away from a 911 like it’s in reverse.

  Comments | By - July 12, 2017

Ford Mustang Crashes While Leaving Car Show

Like peanut butter and jelly, a car show and a Mustang crash just go together.

  Comments | By - July 3, 2017

Whipple-Supercharged Mustang Takes on Street Machines

When prowling the streets, watch out for this Whipple-supercharged Mustang.

  Comments | By - June 15, 2017

Will Mustang Replace Falcon in Aussie Supercars Series?

Ford’s Falcon may be replaced for the up-coming season of Australian Supercars series. But what model will actually see the grid?

  Comments | By - April 11, 2017

High-Speed Comfort in a Mint Lincoln Mark VII LSC

This Lincoln Mark VII LSC is so clean, it’ll make you wonder why they ever stopped making the American uber-coupe.

  Comments | By - April 3, 2017

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