Cobra Jet Mustangs Dominate 50th Anniversary CJ Reunion in Ohio

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Ford’s 428 Cobra Jet engine went out of production decades ago, but love for it is still going strong.

There are certain places that automotive enthusiasts consider paradise. Ferraristi view Modena, Italy as their Mecca. Others see SoCal as a paradise full of breathtaking ocean views and unforgettable roads. Recently, the city of Norwalk, Ohio was the place to be for Ford Mustang fans, particularly those interested in the 428 Cobra Jet. That’s where owners of 1968-1970 Mustangs met up for the 50th anniversary of the famous engine.

The Youtube channel Miles on Cars was there at the Summit Motorsports Park to watch the races during the 17th Annual Honeywell Garrett NMCA All-American Nationals. Fortunately, the cameraman also decided to walk around the grounds and shoot the cars that remained after the 50th Anniversary CJ Reunion concluded. Many cars had left, but Miles on Cars managed to capture some real beauties. 428 Cobra Jet Ford Mustangs at CJ Reunion

One of them was a Q-code 1970 Mach 1 with gleaming dark green paint. The Super Cobra Jet under its hood was connected to a four-speed manual gearbox. The cameraman couldn’t hide his affinity for the car and said, “It is just unbelievably cool.” We have to agree. We love the ’70’s combination of low-key looks and big V8 power.

Another 1970 model – a Dark-Ivy-Green-on-white fastback – caught his eye, but for a different reason. As the cameraman put it, “It’s just a ‘Plain Jane’ ’70, but this ‘Plain Jane’ ’70 is an R-code 428 Cobra Jet, Ram Air, shaker.” With features like those, it doesn’t sound all that plain to us. In fact, it sounds pretty well equipped and it has an almost sinister quality to it. 428 Cobra Jet Ford Mustangs at CJ Reunion

Convertibles, such as the beautiful ’68 GT drop-top Miles on Cars spotted, seemed to be a rarity, which made them an even more welcome sight. A pair of ’69 R-code fastbacks were just as eye-catching, but wore a completely different color: Petty Blue.

It may not have been the biggest assortment of CJ-powered Mustangs, but it was still a nice group of them. Let’s hope they’re all still on the road by the time their owners get together for the next big CJ celebration.

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